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The Top 10 Online Entrepreneurial Resources!

We all need a little inspiration and motivation from time to time – especially us entrepreneurs. This inspiration can literally come from anywhere nowadays. Books, magazines, TV, radio, podcasts, mastermind groups – you name it.

However, recently I’ve been turning to the internet more and more for my daily dose of entrepreneurial motivation and so I have pulled together my favorite set of resources for you guys, so perhaps, if you aren’t already, you can check them out and become, er, well, inspired… Keep in mind, these are MY favorites, I’m sure you’ve got yours too – so please share them with the rest of us!

So, without further ado, in no particular order, I present to you my Top 10 Online Entrepreneurial Resources!

1. Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

If you haven’t watched the above video, you’ve already let yourself down as an entrepreneur. It is incredibly good, with a very clear message. With almost 600,000 views on YouTube, its popular – I reckon about 20-30 or them have to be mine. I love this video. Check it out above.


About as solid of a resource as they come, Inc.’s website is a treasure trove of entrepreneurial goodness. Everything from book reviews to tech reports, what I love about this site is simply the HUGE archive of articles and thought provoking opinions, across all entrepreneurial subject matters. Check it out.

3. The Rise to the Top

Last year I was lucky to make contact and become good buddies with David Siteman Garland. I’ve interviewed him for an episode of the VBL Podcast and was also fortunate enough to have been a guest on David’s awesome web TV show. RISE absolutely rocks my entrepreneur mindset with excellent guests and a great ‘conversational’ format. Be sure to check out his awesome new book, too! Check it out.

4. Gary Vay-Ner-Chuck

Gary is no stranger to the internet – I made a great point in mentioning him on a post I did a while back on the subject of Personal Branding and Promotion. His passion and flair as an entrepreneur is contagious and his energy is awesome. His book, Crush It adds to his website perfectly, as a huge database of inspiration and branding tips that every self-concerning entrepreneur should, and simply must, embrace. Check it out.

5. 37 Signals Blog

Otherwise known as Signal vs. Noise, Jason and David’s (and the rest of the 37 Team!) blog is just as outstanding as their book, Rework, which I just finished reading for the second time on my iPad. Everything from excellent exclusive content, right the way down to them intergrating their just as good podcast, 132,000+ subscribers cant be wrong! Check it out.

6. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Worth checking out just for the title alone (like I did for the first time!), David Michalowicz’s inspiring-to-say-the-least blog is outstanding, and his book is a great companion to it, too. Another super enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneur, its hard not to jump out of your seat and start making and creating stuff after devouring each and every post! Check it out.

7. The Big Red Tomato Company

Disclaimer: Matthew Needham is a friend of mine. But, that isn’t the reason why his site is on this list. I’ve also interviewed Matthew on the VBL Podcast, and regularly jet over to his fantastic blog, focused around business growth, for an entrepreneurial boost to my system. Check it out.

8. Young Entrepreneur Blog

Aimed towards, er, the younger generation, this site has been online for over a decade and its popularity speaks for itself. Great content on everything from info for start-up’s to marketing and sales advice. Also a friendly place for old guys with no hair, like me to enjoy! Check it out.

9. Seth’s Blog

Fact – Seth Godin is a God. Plain and simple. With the way he tackles marketing trends and teaches us to create our own tribes, whilst becoming part of his, he is a massive entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with! I love his books, his speaking videos and never miss a post at his blog. Check it out.

10. ????????????????????

This is where you guys come in. I’d love to hear about your fave’s, so comment at will, and lets all help each other find a little inspiration!

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