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5 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Listening To!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been recording the first batch of episodes for my new podcast, which will be launched in time for Christmas, entitled ‘The New Business Podcast”.

More about this next week… However, in the meantime, I wanted to bring to you a little listening pleasure in the meantime.

Podcasts are a great way to digest information and gain plenty of business tips and tactics. I’ve been a big fan for a long time, and regularly listen to them myself, obviously!

So, today I bring to you five of my personal favorite podcasts, and hope that you add a few more to the list, too, in the comment section below.

Let’s face it – this list could have been a LOT bigger than just five. And I am definitely gonna miss a handful of amazing podcasts that should totally be on EVERY list like this. But, the point here is to focus in on five very different shows, and what they bring to you as a business owner, across the board.

CopyBlogger Radio

Brain Clark and company produce one of the best internet marketing podcasts around. My only gripe is that there aren’t as many episodes as I’d like! What I love about this one, more than anything else is the fact that the focus is on content. Creation of content and marketing of content – all aimed towards developing a great online brand and business. Subscribe Here.


Lifestyle Business Podcast

This weekly jaunt from Dan and Ian, two of the smartest lifestyle entrepreneurs I know, has been firmly planted in my ‘fave podcasts’ list for years. Not only are these guys the real deal when it comes to running and growing business, but they also happen to do it all from their laptops, whilst traveling the world – constantly. Tim Ferriss would be proud of these guys. Subscribe Here.


Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn has one of the most successful online brands around today. His podcast has just hit the 50th episode mark and is quickly closing in on 2,500,000 downloads. Simply amazing. Couple all this together with a transparent approach, lots of smart guests and Pat’s own solo performances and you’re off to the races! Here’s the episode where he interviewed me. Subscribe Here.


Entrepreneur on Fire

John Dumas recently reached out to me, inviting me to come onto his new show, which boasts a new interview with a leading entrepreneur every DAY! Yes, you read right – daily. My episode with John won’t be out until the New Year, I believe, but there is plenty of great stuff in the archives already. Be sure to check out the chat’s with Chris Brogan and Seth Godin for starters! Subscribe Here.


Social Triggers Insider

Derek Halpern mixes smart business know-how and principles, along with psychology and human behavior to bring to you his own blend of marketing, sales and general entrepreneurial wisdom. Still only in his second year online, there’s a reason why he’s become so popular! He’s blunt, brilliant, ballsy and above all, memorable. Simply put, his stuff works. Subscribe Here.


What are some of the podcasts that YOU listen to? I’d love to know. Please post a link to iTunes, and feel free to pimp your own out, too – if you have one!

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