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Reality Check: Are You Achieving Your Goals…?!!

Reality Check

Every month I set myself a goal. Sometimes its ‘bigger’ than others…

Sign a new client with a minimum 10-employee requirement, create a new policy to promote and encourage more reading in the workplace, gain another 200 RSS subscribers, listen to more inspiring podcasts, spend more time developing business ideas, take the family to a resort for 3-days of relaxation… you get it.

I’ve said it before many, many times. Goals are the cornerstone of entrepreneurial success. If you are spending time on any project, any idea, any business model, without putting goals in place first – then, you are literally walking through the jungle at night without a flashlight. You’re going to get nowhere!

Are You Being Realistic ..?

Here’s the thing… No matter what goal I set for myself, I always, ALWAYS make sure of two very simple things. They are as follows:

  • ONE: That it’s achievable. Setting a goal that is so outlandish that I’ll never hit it, is simply pointless. As well as being extremely time consuming.
  • TWO: I achieve it.

Sometimes I feel the benefits of hitting my goals immediately. Sometimes its something that will ‘hit home’ later on. But, I always make sure that I hit my goals. It’s what keeps me going as a business owner, husband and father.

How Are You Doing…?

What goals did you set in place for yourself this month? We’re now half way through the current month. Have you looked at where you are with that goal? Anything more you can do RIGHT NOW to be sure you hit the goal by the end, or before the end of the month..?

Let us all know below in the comments section how you’ve been doing. Give details – the juicer, the better! What was your goal this month – and how you’re doing with it..!

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