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For Blog Readers ONLY: ‘Virtual Freedom’ AudioBook Bonuses Unleashed!

virtual freedom audibleToday is a special day for me, as I’m excited to announce that Virtual Freedom is now available on in both AudioCD and Audible Download versions, via Amazon!

The on-going success of the book continues to put a smile on my face, and when my publishers told me that the audio rights had been snapped up, I was over the moon.

To celebrate the launch of the audio version of the book (which I know a lot of you have been waiting for!), I’ve put together a handful of bonuses, if you go ahead and purchase your copy by the end of August – so, no rush, you’ve got the whole month to act.

The Power of Listening to your Audience

When the book was released I immediately started getting requests from people saying that they preferred ‘listening’ to books, instead of reading them. Being a little old-fashioned, I’ve never been a big fan of audiobooks (although I podcasts – I know, go figure!), but I appreciate that there are several reasons as to why listening is an attractive alternative to ‘reading’, such as:

  • You can listen faster than you can normally read.
  • You can listen when you’re exercising (which should be regularly, kids!).
  • You can listen while traveling a little easier than carry a book around.
  • You can listen while working, consuming content as you dominate your business world!

So, with all that in mind I wanted to give my audience what they wanted / needed, as always.

Now, even though I knew the launch of the audio version was coming soon, I haven’t mentioned it except for a few passing tweets, until now, as I wanted everyone to get the opportunity to grab these bonuses as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for buying this particular version of the book.

Imagine my surprise when I popped onto the Audible website and saw this first review of the book on the platform!

audible review

Exclusive AudioBook Only Bonuses

When my team and I started putting plans in place for bonuses related to the audio release of the book, we thought long and hard about the type of content we wanted to include.

We believe we’ve found the perfect balance of my usual teaching style and coupled it together with exclusive ‘off the cuff’ content, as well as prepared coaching and training content – all with the focus on taking action! I’m really excited to present the bonuses to you, as follows: 

Exclusive 1-Hour Q&A Between Chris Ducker & John Lee Dumas

Originally put together as a webinar for John’s ‘Podcasters Paradise’ private membership site, this conversation quickly turned into one of the more intense Q&A sessions Chris has ever done on the subject of virtual team building!

It’s like having a 1-hour+ private consultation (worth $1,000’s!) with the world’s number one industry voice!

Complete Collection (Download in FULL) of the Virtual Freedom Podcast

When marketing the book Chris decided to create and launch a brand new podcast on the topic of building a virtual team, where he tackled a different problem in each of the 25 episodes. Here’s the complete collection, with full meta-data, so you can search and find what you’re looking for – fast!

Uncut LIVE Presentation of Chris’ “Virtual Freedom” Keynote Presentation

By the end of 2014 Chris would have presented this keynote session to well over 10 live audiences around the world, collectively in front of thousands of attendees. Here’s a fully unedited version from the Digital CoLab Conference, recorded in June, 2014.

Chris is super candid and at times just plain hilarious in this session. You’ll love it!

Downloadable Template of the “3 Lists to Freedom” Exercise from the Book!

This is the one exercise in the book that gets talked about the most, by far. It’s also the exercise that Chris himself did when he hit burnout and led him to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle that he now advocates.

What if You Have the Paperback or Kindle Versions Already?

If you’ve already purchased a copy of the book on either Paperback, or Kindlethank you! Your support means more to me than you’ll ever know.

However, these bonuses are just for peeps that pick up the audio versions of the book between now and the end of August, 2014. Once we hit September 1, they will be gone forever! 

Here’s a cool idea – why not donate your paperback version of the book to an entrepreneurial friend and pick up the audio version for yourself as a replacement? They way you’ve still got the book – and you get all the bonuses, too!!! Everyone’s a winner. 🙂

How to Purchase Your Audio Version of Virtual Freedom

Click here to buy the AUDIO CD version of Virtual Freedom.

Click here to buy the AUDIBLE version of Virtual Freedom.

Once you’ve made your purchase just send your Amazon receipt over to my ever-awesome PA, Jam, and she’ll reply to you with download links for all the audio bonuses! Simple as that.

I hope you enjoy the audio version of the book – and feel free to leave an Amazon review, too – if you have time?! Thanks, guys!

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