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August 2010 “Virtual CEO Goal” Monthly Report


Virtual CEO - Chris Ducker's August Monthly Report

My desk at the Live2Sell Group HQ – Yes, the one I want to give away!

Location: Home Office – Reading Time: 6mins

Number of Days in the Office: 13, Total Number of Employees: 213

So, here we go with another monthly round-up as I get closer and closer to approaching my end of year goal, and becoming that (hopefully) full-time Virtual CEO. First up, I spent considerably less time in the office this past month, which is great. This wasn’t actually down to me making sure I did this, however, it simply ‘just happened’ as I have been focusing on different projects and have been working more from home to stay focused throughout the ‘creative’ stage on things.

The biggest part of August was the launch my of Virtual Staff Finder service. For a full run-down on the service and its features, you can visit the seperate website, or read my full launch post here on the blog.

We were, frankly, blown away with the response and I have been up to my eyeballs in consultation calls over the last couple of weeks. As we launched the service to the VBL subscriber list only we expected a certain number of people to sign-up, but saw a lot more sign-up’s than we anticipated. So far, so good… with over 20 virtual assistants already deployed to entrepreneurs around the world, through the service.

Although this is not 100% ‘passive’ income, it is to a certain degree. Meaning, nothing actually takes place until someone sign’s up and pays for the service. At that point, myself and my team work on things. I must say, I have enjoyed coming back from dinner and from being out on the weekend, to see emails from Paypal…!

Other going-on’s this month included:

  • Two new client sign-up’s.
  • Expansion on our sales and marketing team.
  • Promoted 3 members of staff to mid-management level.
  • I enjoyed spending time with a good friend that came into town from the UK.
  • Finally found my Eskrima teacher, and a Grand Master, no less (more on this in a future post!).
  • My Son is now a full-blown bodyguard for his Mommy, not even letting me get a little hug-time in!
  • I’ve started planning my first full-blown online product, too.

We also surpassed our target of 1,000 RSS subscribers here at the blog, too (at the time of writing this report we are around 1,020, I believe). Thanks to all the subscribers and if you haven’t added us to your reader yet, please do so, to make sure you never miss an update on the blog. Be sure to also join us on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, too.

Virtual Business Lifestyle Podcast

Another point to mention is that our iTunes Podcast has grown from strength to strength, and has been featured very predominantly throughout the last month in the ‘Noteworthy’ section of the Business listing consistently. You’ll see in the above image that we’re featured along with Pat Flynn’s great new podcast, too.

So, a pretty strong month. Thanks to everyone for their continued support on these reports. They won’t last forever, in terms of the current format anyway, and I do enjoy reading the feedback from you all, very much so. See you on the next post!

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