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Blogging from the Heart… But, Smart! My Chit-Chat with ProBlogger, Darren Rowse

Happy New Year, everyone…!

To kick-start 2012 I’ve decided to post this video a little earlier than I had originally anticipated. Even though it was shot at BlogWorld in LA, last November, I was going to release it at the end of this month, as part of a little series I plan on doing. However, when I was looking at it earlier today, the content just grabbed hold of me again, and I realized how important of a message it is for all of us bloggers! Hence the decision to post it earlier than planned.

Darren Rowse is known as one of the most successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs around. I’d met with Darren originally at BlogWorld in Vegas in late 2010, and we reconnected in LA, where we got to hang out and chat together a lot more – he’s a top guy and someone that I hold a massive amount of respect for.

So, in this video you’ll see me and Darren discuss the subject of one of his BlogWorld sessions, which bears the same title as this blog post.

I feel the content of this video is massively important to all bloggers out there. Not just because it helps us to come up with some cool post ideas, but also to capture the attention and imagination of our communities, and also allows people that follow us online to perhaps get a deeper understanding to what makes us tick and why we all do what we do in business, and life.

As a side note, I’d like to thank my buddy, Pat Flynn for playing cameraman for us for a few minutes on the middle of a very busy expo floor!

I’d love to hear what you guys think about this topic – please comment at will, below.

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