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How to Develop a ‘Virtual Business’ Mentality and Create a Lifestyle Design Strategy of Your Own!

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Today we have a Guest Post by Greg over at music marketing blog GenYRockstars, who also runs, too! Check out his sites if you are an entrepreneur or a musician – if you’re both, you’ll be spoiled rotten, trust me!

Myself and Greg were literally hours away from hooking up on my trip to the US in February, planning to do some video posts together on growing businesses and general entrepreneur stuff – but, alas, it didn’t quite happen! Next time for sure. Since then I’ve been interviewed by him for his blog, and I asked him to do this post to offer you guys the usual, great insightful stuff that he puts together.

What I really enjoy in watching this clip is the laid-back, but highly encourage attitude of Greg and the vision that he puts out in this video. Especially like his comment of ‘do stuff that you really enjoy…’.

The thing is that it doesn’t take a long time for you to realize that what he is talking about is absolutely do-able, and that the ‘mental’ part of the approach to lifestyle design is more important than anything else (well, at least I think so, anyway!).

Enjoy the post, and please do leave comments for Greg below – he’d love to hear from you, as I always do, too!

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