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7 Email Hacks That’ll Turn You Into an Insanely Productive Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Let’s face it, there isn’t an entrepreneur on this green earth of ours that wouldn’t want to cut down the time they have to spend managing their email on a daily basis.

It’s a subject that I’ve blogged about countless times, as well as covered on the podcast, too. Yet, for some reason so many ‘productive entrepreneurs’ continue to be bogged down by the never ending abuse that their inboxes battle with – and not all that productive in the process!

Nowadays, email has become the go-to source of communication. Some of us have learned to handle it in ways that doesn’t stun our productivity, some haven’t.

To help in the struggle, I decided to put together this infographic with my top tips and hacks to help you manage the inbox madness and become an insanely productive entrepreneur in the process.

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What do you think? Grab any new tips?

Again, email is a tool – it’s not something that should control your day.

Keep that in mind, practice some of these hacks and I promise you’ll be spending more time on the things that really matter, both business and personal related. Being a productive entrepreneur is one thing – but, being a productive father, mother, husband, wife, mentor, coach, boss… whatever… is even better!

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