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What is an Expert, Facebook Pages & Blog Re-Designs!

Welcome to the first ever ‘Ask Chris’ post!

I’m really excited about this new series of posts… My plan is to do them every Tuesday – but, if I have a lack of questions (can’t see that happening, to be honest!), or I’m just feeling lazy, or traveling or something, they will at least pop up a couple of times each month.

I am looking at answering 2-3 questions in each post, too. This first one is a little longer than they will probably be, going forward, because of the intro to the new series – but, I see them basically running around 4-5mins from next week onwards.

The thing is, I get so many great questions every week via email, Twitter and on our Facebook Page – or even just the comment section here at the blog – that it’s sometimes a waste to get back to the person directly (even though I do most of the time, anyway!), and leave out everyone else in the VBL Community that might learn, or gain something from the answers I give out. Hence this new idea…

I should also mention that these posts will all be in video format, too. I’ve chosen this medium because a) I wanted to do more video this year, anyway, and b) because answering verbally / visually allows me to give a more ‘personal’ reply, instead of a more canned, or edited one – via text. Hope you see my point.

This Week, I Answer…

Today I discuss a question I had from someone asking, in my opinion, when can someone truly be called an ‘expert’, as well as another from a new blogger that is wanting to grow his Facebook community fast. And lastly, I get a little more involved, following a few questions on the same subject last week – on how I got the re-design of the blog done so quickly, and to such high quality.

So, enjoy the first ever ‘Ask Chris’ post, and remember to ask your questions below in the comment section, for inclusion in next week’s post – I look forward to hearing from you all.

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