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Ask the Readers: How Important Are Facebook Fan Pages to Bloggers?

Virtual Business Lifestyle Facebook Page

If you’re new to the VBL Blog, you’ll no doubt be thinking ‘What the hell is a VBL Discussion…?’ (or perhaps you won’t, it’s pretty self-explanatory, let’s face it!). But, the bottom line is that its a weekly discussion post where we talk about / help each other out on, different topics to entrepreneurship, passive income, outsourcing, being a digital nomad – you name it… As long as its relevant to the VBL.

In Seth Godin’s ‘Tribes‘ he talks about people wanting, almost needing, to be part of groups. We grow up wanting to be part of teams and groups, little congregations in the playground, etc. He’s right – and those communities are special to the people that join them. Why should communities online, affiliated with blogging and the topics of the blogs themselves, be any different? And so, this week I’d like to broach the topic of Facebook Fan Pages.

I have one for the VBL Blog, and we are steadily approaching 2,000 fans (woot!) – please ‘like’ when you get the chance!

However, I haven’t done a lot to promote it, and rarely get into any ‘heavy’ discussions on it – although we will be utilizing it a lot more going into 2011. But, I do ‘interact’ when the time is right.

For me, the fan page is a viable option for bloggers wanting to grow and promote their community away from their blog. It’s also a great way for the fans of those blogs to interact together, away from the comment section of posts (which some like to do!).

I’d really like to the the VBL Facebook Fan Page grow to a good sized community next year. Does anyone have any ideas on how to build the numbers? Also, are you guys, as potential fellow bloggers and virtual entrepreneurs utilizing this medium for audience growth? Do you need help doing so?

Over to you guys!

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