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Fearless Health – Review of a GREAT Free Resource!

Location: Company HQ – Reading Time: 4mins

Imagine a life where you…

  • Are rarely, if ever, sick.
  • Have health care costs totaling only your preventative exams.
  • Embody the physical ability and energy to do whatever you wish.
  • Possess the mental courage and creativity to bring your dreams to life.

This is not a dream world. This is a reality that you can build for yourself using FEARLESS HEALTH – How to Thrive in an Unhealthy World. FEARLESS HEALTH is a brand new manifesto by Matt Gartland of Healthy Lifestyle Design. It’s a powerful guide to achieving remarkable health and using this energy as your means of lifestyle domination on your own terms! You may remember Matt from his earlier guest post here at VBL – 4 Ways to Manage Your Healthy Lifestyle Like a Virtual CEO.

Matt sent me a copy of this great new resource earlier on in the week, and I thought it was so great that I would drop this quick review of it here on the blog, as I am sure a lot of you would find it useful.


First, I’m a strong supporter of healthy lifestyles that promote wellness, balance, and happiness! It’s easy to slip into terrible health ruts when creating our own business. And to many, the Virtual Business Lifestyle doesn’t equate to a healthy one. But killing yourself with your business isn’t sustainable.

You need solid, powerful health to keep your passion, tenacity, and focus high. All good athletes know that you can’t train at all-out levels all the time. You need recovery days. And Matt’s FEARLESS HEALTH philosophy and teachings show you how to find, build, and maintain that renewable energy source.

Second, its not a “get healthy quick” gimmick. And it’s not some stereotypical fitness routine. In fact, there are no fitness routines to speak up in the manifesto. Instead, it provides a unified theory to constructing a healthy lifestyle that starts with a sound health philosophy at it’s base. Fitness, while important, is at the apex of Matt’s “Holy Grail of Health.”

Third, the manifesto is clearly an approach to health and life that can be applied to anyone with an open mind. It’s not rigid, strict, or relevant to those of superior genetics. Instead, it empowers you to embrace your healthy pleasures and allows you optimize your own health potential. That thinking is the same as building the smart virtual business that’s right for you, your interests, and your talents.

My Conclusion

If you wish to rejuvenate yourself and build a sustainable lifestyle that can energize your entrepreneurial ventures than seriously check out FEARLESS HEALTH. It’s basically the entrepreneur’s guide to remarkable health and tenacious living!

Oh, and it’s a free resource!

Nothing to pay or even sign up for! Click here to download the manifesto straight away. Or click here to learn more about FEARLESS HEALTH on Matt’s site. Enjoy!

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