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Finish Up the Year Strong – 3 Things to Do Now!

We have six weeks left in the year, and I have never been more excited about a six week period than I am about the next six weeks! Yes, we have Christmas and New Year and all that fun stuff to come our way, but honestly I’m teaching all of my coaching clients right now that put their foot down on the gas, more than ever before in this year. 

I just wrapped up a training session with some of my Youpreneur Incubator coaching clients, and I was reminding them of three things that they absolutely must keep doing between now and the end of the year, and as I do with all of our coaching sessions I was recording it. However, I believe that the message behind this should be heard by everybody right now, particularly those of us who are building businesses based around our expertise and our personal brands. 

Here are the big three things that everybody should be doing, that many people will not be doing between now and the end of the year!

#1 Don't Stop Marketing

Many people are going to hit that pause button and you do not want to stop your marketing, you’re going to keep crushing! Keep emailing, keep selling, keep posting, keep launching everything that you’ve got plans to do, make sure that you go ahead and actually do it – push through with it. Many people that I’m working with are doing this, and I know that you can do it too. 

#2 Carry on Providing Value

Secondly, over the Christmas and New Year period, carry on providing value. Carry on showing up with your podcast, carry on showing up with your videos, carry on showing up with the weekly digest newsletters and things like that, keep providing value because many people in your industry will stop! You don’t want to do that, you don’t want to lose that ground, so keep providing that value. 

#3 Don't Forget About Q1

Lastly, don’t forget about quarter one of next year. You don’t want to come back from this break and you’re two weeks into January and you’re still trying to figure out what you want to do for that first quarter of the year. Don’t let that happen. Spend some time to sit down and actually start planning out that first quarter of next year and if you do that, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s going to mean that you hit the ground running and you’re really springboarding yourself towards that success finish line going into next year!

There you go! Three quick tips that can ultimately make sure that you have a very, very strong finish to the year. Remember this, way too many of your competitors are going to take their foot off that gas pedal in the next four to six weeks or so. I’ve seen that happen over and over and over again, as you probably have yourself. 

My advice to you is don’t follow them, put your foot down on the gas, push harder, not in a sleazy way, but push harder, have more energy and positivity and close out this year strong. Six weeks left, we can still make 2020 count more than ever before. 

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