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Thought of the (Fri)Day – It’s NOT Just About Me, or YOU!


It’s Friday. 

Generally, I don’t work Friday’s. However, today is a little different…

I’ve just clearing my inbox to ZERO. Prior to that I shot a couple of quick videos, had a 15-minute meeting with my VA team via Skype to discuss a new project and was interviewed for a podcast.

The time, as I hit publish on this post (which took me around 20-minutes to write) is 11am. I’m done for the day.

I’m now off to spend the afternoon with my youngest and then it’s date night for me and my wife… dinner and a movie.

Why am I telling you all this?

As entrepreneurs it’s sometimes hard for us to switch off and recharge our batteries. But, we must.

The fact of the matter is that business owners are a pretty strange breed. We want to be the boss, to work for ourselves and to be able to have people work for us. We want to call the shots and obviously have the ‘power’ to be able to work as and when we feel like it.

However, as the world becomes a tougher place to do business in and the market place (regardless of what industry you are in) becomes more competitive, chances are you are working way too much – much more than you should be, and more than is actually required to be productive and successful.

We need to switch off. Today. Now.

This is for EVERYONE Around You, Not Just YOU Alone!

In my book I focus in on working with virtual assistants, building a virtual team and utilizing that team to help you run, support and grow your business. But, as I was waiting for my interview to begin today, shortly after that meeting with my team, something occurred to me.

It’s Friday, and I’m actually in my home office, working.

I haven’t done that for a long, long time.

I’m not mad at myself for letting it happen. It’s cool – it was needed. And I’m the leader of a business that required my presence today.

However… what stood out in my thoughts was the fact that I hadn’t worked on a Friday for such a long time.


It’s because of the principles that I discuss and teach in Virtual Freedom that’s led me to be blessed with the lifestyle I enjoy today, the lifestyle I’ve created for myself and those that I love. And anyone that knows me, knows that it wasn’t always this way.

Stop. Breathe. Think.

I want you to spend time today, just 30-minutes is all that’s needed. Think about where you are in the growth (the life!) of your business.

What can you do differently to have more freedom?

What changes can you make in order to do more of what you love?

What really matters? Think hard about it.

Then take some action.

Relaxing, switching off, chilling out – whatever you want to call it, is something that us entrepreneurs should embrace more. Just as we embrace the networking opportunities presented to us, the chances to do business with new clients, the opportunities to save money on staffing or running costs, etc., we NEED to embrace freedom, too.

It’s Friday. The sun is shining and life is good.

I’m off to get beaten up by my youngest, who is currently swinging a lightsaber around! It’s gonna be awesome.

How are you going to switch off and have a little fun today? Tweet me, and let me know… right NOW!

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