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36 Things I’ve Never Mentioned Online Before! (My ‘Getting to Know Me’ Post)

That’s me, enjoying a light snack whilst on a mini-vacation last year, in Boracay.

Most blog posts I write are on the subject of business, location independence, outsourcing and the like. Today, I thought I would kick off this week with a slightly different, lighter approach to things. So, here are a butt load of facts you never knew about your favorite (I am your favorite, right!??) Virtual CEO that you’ll probably laugh at a little, cry at a little, and no doubt forget pretty quickly!


1. I’m seriously lazy when it comes to exercise. I know I have to do it, but my wife practically has to kick my ass through the gym doors!

2. I used to publish my own magazine in the UK years ago, on the subject of hong kong cinema.

3. I’m a sucker for kids. They can wrap me round their little fingers in a heart beat.

4. Although I got close a few times, I never dunked a basketball. Terribly frustrating! Guess white men really can’t jump…!

5. I never drank alcohol until I was 25. I’ve made up for it since, mind you!

6. Working out of coffee shops is my thing. I love the aroma of coffee when I’m working, plus the jazzy music.

7. My favorite kids TV show is Postman Pat (BBC show). I watched it as a kid and my 2 year-old watches it now. The stories are great.

8. I saw Michael Jackson in concert 4 times. Of all of the live shows I’ve been to (and there’s been a ton!), they were easily the best four of the lot.

9. I used to skate board everywhere as a kid, until I discovered basketball and girls in my mid-teens… Soon forgot about that board then!

10. By the time I was 30 years of age I had lost both of my parents. It made me realize just how short and precious life really is.

11. I was left naked in the woods, by a river, on my first stag night (bachelor party, for my American visitors). It was in October. In London. It was bloody cold!!!

12. I swore off getting married again until I met my second (current) wife. She changed that self-promise in a heart beat.

13. I would never skydive. Are you mad? Jumping out of a plane with nothing but an over-sized hanky chief between the rest of your life, or your certain death!!?

14. Although I’ve lived in the Philippines 10-years, although I can understand a certain amount, I can’t actually speak the language fluently. Why? Sheer laziness.

15. I’m a great host. Parties and get-togethers at my house (or elsewhere) are always memorable.

16. My 15 year-old son dunked on me this past Christmas. It was embarrassing.

17. I cried when I heard of Ray Charles’ passing. He is easily my biggest musical influence.

18. I’m allergic to cats. Which is a great shame, as they are awesome and would love to have one as a pet.

19. I drink too much Diet Coke (gotta stop this, I know!).

20. Like most fathers, I would have no problems killing another human being if they were to try and harm any of my children.

21. I had my first kiss when I was 12 years old. It was, er… Sloppy.

22. I truly love being my own boss. I could never work for someone else again. Ever.

23. I’ve watched Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon” so many times I can literally recite the entire script off by heart… Best line in the movie? “Boards don’t hit back!”.

24. The buzz I get out of helping other business owners grow their companies is very real, and very rewarding.

25. I moan way too much about traffic jams. Way too much.

26. My daughter Is ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ in every way, shape and form. And she knows it, and takes advantage of it. I am powerless…

27. I once got completely lost in Slovenia. Took me 3 hours to get back to my hotel… From a market place literally 3 miles away!

28. I love Vegas. I don’t gamble. But the ambience, the parties, the lights and the awesome shows just get me pumped up!

29. I’ve been wanting to start writing a book for over two years now. The notes are there, the chapter list is there (but is changing frequently!) and I know I have the ‘smarts’ to write it and have people enjoy the read. I just have to start now…! – Would you buy it?

30. Although I like to hang out and socialize, I’m most comfortable and happy when I’m at home, watching TV with my family.

31. People consistently say I look like actor Jason Statham. Other than the fact that we are both from London and bald, I can’t see the resemblance, myself.

32. I read at least one non-fiction book a week. Usually business related.

33. I’ve secretly always wanted to star in a Hollywood movie. Preferably a comedy, like Ace Ventura… Something for all the family.

34. This year I plan on starting 3 new businesses, all within the service industry and who’s marketing is focused entirely online.

35. Writing this blog keeps me incredibly motivated in both personal and business ways. If you’re not blogging yourself, start. You’ll see what I mean.

36. Family means everything to me. There is simply nothing in the world more important to me, than my family.

So, there you have it – the all-baring ‘personal’ post that every blogger should publish, but many rarely do.

Obviously, this list could have been a lot longer (or shorter!), but I figure its long enough, or short enough to give you all a little bit more of an idea of the guy behind the blog.

Now, if you’re a blogger and you haven’t written a post like this yet – do it. Then send me a link. Firstly, because I’d love to check it out, and secondly because I will put all the links I get together into a future post. So, get writing!

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