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Ask the Readers: What’s the Hardest Thing About Being a Blogger?

As you’ll probably know, if you checked out my last post which included my BlogWorld2010 Report, I was so happy with the ton of awesome content the VBL Community created for Guest Post Month, that I decided to make it a regular part of the content diet here at the blog, announcing that every Friday we’d run a guest post (pending submissions, obviously!).

Something else that really struck a chord with me was all the great support you gave each other by commenting (sometimes to the point of creating a ‘post within a post’ almost!) on each others posts. So, I also want to try out something new. Something else that will continue to promote the community we have growing here at the VBL Blog. Welcome, my dear friends, to the first ever ‘VBL Discussion Post’.

The format is going to be simple… I will create a title for a weekly post. Give my two pennies worth, and then hand it over to you guys to rock the hell (hopefully!) out of the comments section each week. Sound cool – good. Sound crappy… Not so good, but we’ll never know if its going to work, unless we give it a go, will we!?!

So, here’s my two pennies worth on this week’s discussion topic:

For me, I find that the toughest part about being a blogger is continuously coming up with content that I believe my audience will enjoy and get something out of. Be it written, video or the VBL Podcast, I am very much aware that a lot of the time as bloggers we are ‘only as good as our last post’. With this in mind, I really try to work hard to come up with great quality content that is also enjoyable and fun to digest.

Over to you guys…!

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