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How to Create a High Converting Optin Offer for Your Website

I have to admit, it’s a pretty exciting time for us entrepreneurs nowadays. There always seems to be a new idea, social media platform or tool to discover, to help us get our brands and businesses heard.

While it’s always a great feeling to work on new ideas and strategies, it’s also important to pull back sometimes and focus on the basics. Namely, making sure that building your email list should still be a top priority. As my good friend Amy Porterfield always says, “the energy of your business is directly tied to the strength of your email list”.

This is where creating a high converting optin offer comes into play. That key piece of content you offer your audience so that you can build your email list. But where do you start and how do you make sure that your lead magnet is strong enough to make it a no-brainer for your visitors to sign-up?

I go into this, and much more in this short video presentation. Watch it below, now.

Creating a high-quality and personalized piece of content takes more than just a quick write-up or recording and uploading it. Do this right, and it’ll pave the way for many months (if not years!) to come.

Take the time to plan and execute it properly, to make sure that you have a strong first impression on offer, to turn those website visitors into life-long fans. Think of it like this… create an optin offer so strong that you could put a price tag of at least a couple of hundred dollars. Then give it away for free.

A perfect companion to this video lesson is for you to listen into Episode 118 of Youpreneur.FM, where I sit down with my good friend and email marketing rockstar, Greg Hickman, to discuss exactly how to build a high-converting email funnel, to maximize every optin you receive. You can also check out this sweet infographic, too.

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