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How to Become a Digital Crusader

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This is a Guest Post by Mars Dorian of Mars Dorian’s The World Needs YouA digital entrepreneur, Mars is dedicated to changing the online world through personal branding and creative marketing, check out his excellent blog for more info!

What the heck is this? Some new marketing scam? No, my friends, it’s your ultimate potential!

Instead of just making money online (boo-ring!), aim a little higher. Much higher. Become a web warrior and illuminate the world around you.

Make a promise to yourself: As long as you are alive, you will have your own digital business and inspire others to do the same. You are a Digital Crusader!

Now you ask, what the hell defines a DC? I’m glad you ask.

You are on a Crusade

That’s the major one – the essence of your digital journey.

Doing online business is what you do, your mission statement is WHY you do it. Having a goal that’s larger than yourself can cause a massive positive impact on other people’s lives.

How about: I want to challenge the status quo, and create a lifestyle that enables me to live and work wherever I want, whenever I want. I’ll inspire people to do the same.

Not only will this boost your business (people love grand visions), but it will also inspire others to do the same. Double win, my crusader !

Your brand your battle presence

Go out there naked, and the world will laugh at you. But go out with a slick battle armor and a logo, and you make the world kneel down for you, or at least respect your presence.

A crafted appearance is everything – it will strongly support your actions.

You will need:

  • A cool and simple logo, that can ONLY be associated with you
  • A fortress design (emm…your blog) that is unique and supports your style
  • An original and personal style that people can smell a mile away
  • consistency: Every digital spot you conquer must have a similar design and contain your brand message, screw this up and people have now clue who you are or what you stand for

Remember, perception is everything. Craft your image deliberately, and own your original spot in the web.

If you get it right, you have won half of the battle !

You are location independent

Remember, you are a DIGITAL crusader. Your goal is not to recapture Jerusalem – your battlefield is the web. Equipped with your trusty PC, you launch your campaign from your digital platform. You are able to help people in distress and earn your crusade funding wherever you want, whenever you want.

You make an alliance with fellow crusaders

No matter how brilliant your tactics, no matter how voracious your appetite for ambition – the web is a gigantic battlefield; trying to conquer it all by yourself will result in devastating defeat. Be smart and choose your favorite channels of communication, and connect with like-minded crusaders. Build an alliance, also called a Joint Venture in the new world, and maximize your impact. Together we can rock this web.

You are Otaku-worthy

Otaku is the Japanese word for an obsessed fan – the one that EVERY brand would die for:

Otakus read every of your campaign reports (AKA blog posts), promote your mission throughout the web and crave your products and services.

How do you get them? There’s no golden rule, but the closer you walk on the edges, the higher the potential of recruiting them.

If you do average stuff and aim for the masses – you will miss them.

But if you summon your courage and tell yourself : Hey world, I’m going to do something ass-kicking – I’ll create a digital service or product that will blow you away“, then you are Otaku-worthy. An original voice will piss some people off, but it will also attract the true fans.

Battle report:

Am I a fully-fledged digital crusader ? Not yet, but I’m working my soul off to get there.

My goal is to launch a creative-multimedia-marketing business from my

I call this my Creative Crusade, and I’m working every single day to bring it into reality.

I think you should do the same. Get excited and change things.

What’s your crusade?

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