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How to Launch Your First Book

We’ve covered how to write your first book in a previous post and after putting in all the work, you finally have it completed. So what’s the next step? It’s time to go into how to LAUNCH your first book! Because let’s face it, a completed book won’t do you any good until you get it out into the world, will it?

I launched my first book, Virtual Freedom, to #1 bestseller status on Amazon in 4 different categories, and I plan to better that with my next one, so I can tell you with all seriousness that launching your book is AS MUCH, if not MORE, work than actually writing it. However, if you take this phase seriously, you have serious potential to become a bestseller yourself. Here’s what I did, and what I recommend:

Building Buzz

Build pre-launch buzz. It’s never too early to think about launching your book. In fact, when you’re still writing it, you can get moving on several marketing ideas that will make the launch even more successful. This step is all about making connections with as many people as possible so that word of you and your book spreads far and wide.

Set-up Your Book’s Site

First up, you want to devote a page on your site to the book itself. On the page, you want to have a promo kit available, which will include things like your author bio, book summary, sample chapters, possible interview questions, and early testimonials. Things like this make it easy for podcasters and bloggers to get a handle on you and your book as easily and quickly as possible.

Share Your Journey

Second, you want to be open and transparent about the writing process while it is still happening. Hop on social media regularly to share what you’re writing, how it’s going, and how early readers can get involved—offering sneak peeks, early order incentives, and whatnot in exchange for reviews is a win for everyone.

Reach Out to Your Network

Third, make active connections with people who can help you spread the word. This means reaching out to podcasters, bloggers, and content creators who operate in the niche you’re writing in. Show them how your book can help their audience, and try to get some coverage through their platforms. Remember to make your every interaction about THEM—this is about serving others, not about promoting yourself.

As you wrap up the writing and editing process, following these strategies will help ensure you’ve got a good groundswell of attention once your book is ready to go out into the world.

Treat Your Book Like an Event

The real secret at this point in the launch is to make book marketing your full-time job! I’m serious here, guys. You will get out of your launch what you put into it. If you’ve built up that buzz in the last step, you’ll be ready to launch with things like a podcast tour (I was on over 40 shows in a month!), live and online workshops, guest blog posts, and maybe even an official launch party (who can remember that silly hat I wore when we launched Virtual Freedom on a Google Hangout!?).

If it sounds like a lot of work, it is, but remember, you’ve already made all those connections in the last step, and this is where you get to cash in! You’re going to be a bestseller before you know it.

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