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My Name is Chris Ducker, and I’m an Entrepreneur!

When was the last time you said to yourself “I really LOVE doing this…”? If it wasn’t at some point in the last 4-weeks – its time to take stock.

Here we are in mid-2012 and I know one thing for sure – there is absolutely no reason why we should be doing ‘stuff’ that we hate, or dislike in anyway.

Our world has come a long, long way in the last 5-10 years, and I’m not talking about the launch of the iPad, or the fact that Virgin America has the coolest cabin lighting in the world of aviation!

The fact is that there are now more entrepreneurs on the planet today, than ever before in the history of western civilization. 

Are YOU Doing Something You Love?

Last week I took some time out to reflect on a few business projects that I’ve had in the sidelines for a while, as I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything recently. So many opportunities and yet so little time to jump all over ’em!

I also started work on a book proposal, too.

I actually did more than just take some time out and cook out some new entrepreneur ideas. I bunkered myself into a nice hotel, and worked on my own for an entire 3-days and 2-nights. I spoke with my wife and kids once or twice and day, exercised a little in the hotel gym, even took a dip in the hotel pool. But, at all other times I was thinking, working, doing, planning.

By the end of my little escape I had dumped 4 project entrepreneur ideas, focused in on one BIGTIME, and finished the first draft on that book proposal. Boom!

My Renewed Love for Being an Entrepreneur

Now I start this week with a much clearer mind. 

I also start this week with a renewed love and affection for being an entrepreneur. The time that I spent in that hotel room working on everything was golden. It really allowed me to sit back for a bit and really look at everything that I’ve achieved in the last 5-years.

I’ve started and launched two profitable businesses, I started another company that turned out to be a flop (oh, well – you never know unless you try, right!). I’ve enjoyed business blogging for the first time in my life, podcasting, publishing online videos, posting entrepreneur business ideas traveling more and working with awesome clients from around the world. I’ve also enjoyed handling more speaking engagements and teaming up on projects with consultation clients.

The list goes on and on.

Today I’m telling the world something special – I’m an Entrepreneur!  Get in on the fun – Click to Tweet this Quote!

One Thing is for SURE!

If I wasn’t the person I am today – an entrepreneur – there is no way I could have done all of this, and more.

There’s no way that I could sleep in if I want to (but, rarely do because I love getting out of bed in the morning!), grab ice cream in the middle of a ‘work’ day with my youngest, have coffee with friends at the drop of a dime and go shopping with my wife (okay, I don’t enjoy this ALL the time, but, you get my drift!). There’s also no way that I could work on all the amazing projects that I do, with the awesome team that I have, if I wasn’t an entrepreneur – or rather, if I hadn’t of dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and then BUSTING MY ASS until I achieved it.

I didn’t write this post today to gloat. To boast. To show off.

I wrote this post today to say to you all that if I can do it, if I can achevie MY DREAM, then there is no reason at all why you can’t achieve yours. No reason.

Now, in the comment section below, tell the world what your dream is. If you’ve achieved it already, then tell us how. If you haven’t, tell us what you’re going to do – TODAY – to get one step closer to doing so.

Have an awesome week, everyone.

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