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Customer Service – The ‘Forgotten’ Yin to the Yang in Business!

Location: Home Office – Reading / Viewing Time: 7mins

In February this year I spent almost the entire month in the US, with my wife, traveling through San Francisco, Miami, LA and New York. On a trip like this we experienced quite a bit, as you can imagine. However, it was one particular experience that left me with a really, really nice taste in my mouth – in more ways than one!

Whilst in New York a good friend of mine and his wife took us down to Arthur Ave, formerly know as the ‘real’ little Italy, and introduced us to Mike’s Deli, a spectacular, ‘golden nugget’ in New York. If you haven’t visited, DO IT. The video above is not only my shining testimonial, but also an important lesson in the art of customer service, and how so many companies nowadays are starting to forget about this important ancient practice!

In the video I discuss, amongst other things:

  • How Mike’s son, David, made us feel so welcomed when we arrived.
  • How Mike himself instantly made me fall in love with him.
  • What I saw with my own eyes, that is sorely missed too much nowadays in business.
  • More lessons on customer loving and retention!

This is actually the first video post on the blog for quite some time. Its not that I have gone off video, I love it and more video will be coming, I promise – however, I have been spending time, as you know, trying out other things like the Podcasts, etc.

The reason why its taken me so long to get around to posting this video is because I had to edit my waffling down a little. This is actually my first attempt at using iMovie for the new MacBook Pro I got a week ago (only literally took it out of the box today!). Its really simple stuff, but, nonetheless, I’d love to know what you think.

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