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What’s it Like to Live and Work in the Philippines?

Location: Company HQ – Reading / Viewing Time: 10mins

One of the questions I get asked a lot is the title of this post – What’s it like to live and work in the Philippines? As someone who has lived in the Philippines for the last 10 years, I have many stories to tell, of course – anyone would! But, I believe that when people ask a question like that, they are more interested in the what, where and why – rather than stories.

So, I decided to shoot this quick video to give you a bit of an insight into the country, its people and how things get done here. Please, do not expect an all encompassing guide on the subject (its only a short clip!), and remember these are just my own personal opinions and ‘take’ on living and working here.

A vibrant tourism industry and more and more international corporations setting up in the country must mean that there is ‘something’ more to the country than just its awesome outsourcing industry and amazing virtual assistants..!

In the video I discuss, among other things:

  • My first experience with a Filipino family, at their home.
  • The importance of family to the Filipino people.
  • Filipino’s views on studying and working.
  • Ways of getting around the city / country.
  • The answer to the ‘Is it safe there…?’ question!
  • What it takes to set-up shop here.
  • A few more things!

Go check out Dan Andrews’ site, too – great resource.

So, please feel free to drop your comments and any additional questions below after checking out the clip and I’d be more than happy to answer any additional queries that you might have. Hope you guys are having a killer week!

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