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Living the Virtual Business Lifestyle – First Mini-Vacation of 2011 (Singapore!)–PfdLsGU

One of the reasons behind wanting to become a Virtual CEO was to be able to do a little more travel. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen enough of the world – a lot more than most people will in their entire lifetime. However, here’s the thing – I simply LOVE to travel.

The older I get (you can see I have no hair!), the more I want to get out there and experience new things, meet new people and ‘get lost’, as the National Geographic Channel puts it! So, this year has begun, and in mid-March I got to go on the first mini-vacay of the year with my wife – to Singapore.

Losing My Singapore Virginity!

I’ve lived in Asia for ten years and I have never been there before. Insane, I know. So, a 4-day trip was planned, we left the little one with his grandparents and we were off. Above you can see a 5-min video diary of the trip, complete with a running commentary of the places we checked out (first time I’ve done this, let me know what you think!), a little humor, and the whole thing was shot entirely on my iPhone4, just to see how it came out.

I was pleasantly surprised on the quality. All edited in iMovie, too!

The Place Was Awesome!

I’m not going to go into a huge, long-winded review of Singapore and what its all about, but what I can say is that I was really impressed. The way the government there has set everything is with nothing but long-term in mind.

The people are very friendly, helpful and respectful towards each other. And the corporate way of life is great. It actually reminded me of a cross between Hong Kong and London – everyone rushing around with their suits and corporate attire, with not a minute to spend… Except for the fact that it was in nicer weather than London!

The streets – wide. The sidewalks – clean. The food – to die for. The climate – perfect. The cost – er, well, I’m a little spoilt, living in the Philippines, so it was costly – but, it was worth it nonetheless.

Next Up – The Good Old U S of A!

As you guys read this, I am currently in the US. It’s not entirely for pleasure, but, I’m making sure that we have plenty of fun here in San Francisco and Boston, too! It’s playoff time… Go Celtics!!! I’ll no doubt put together another, similar video for you of this trip.

Come to think of it… Let me ask – do you enjoy these videos? If not, why not, and if yes – what do you like about them the most…? Anything you’d like to see…? Let me know in the comments below.

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