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Mobility Tips for the Traveling Entrepreneur – Handling Email, Phone Calls & More!

Okay, so, here is the final installment (from the AT&T Ball Park!) from the 3-part video series that I shot whilst I was in San Francisco back in February (it’s a little windy in the clip, FYI!). A lot of people have asked for this one, out-right, saying that they enjoyed the other clips I did with Sanjay, especially the one on How to Make Your Small Business Look Bigger. I must say sorry to those that have waited for this one, as there has been a lot going on – even though the clip has been ready for weeks and weeks!

In this clip myself and Sanjay give you a handful of simple tips for when you’re traveling. It’s amazing how simple these tips actually are, but so often its the simple stuff that gets forgotten, and I must say, even Sanjay’s tips on Laptop Batteries got me thinking!

As an entrepreneur that does do a certain amount of traveling, these type of tips (and the tons of others available online) are paramount to creating an easier traveling experience and working experience when on the road.

You must also make sure you bring the right kit with you when you travel, too – check out my ‘Mobile Office Tour’ to see what I take with me on virtually every trip I make, to be able to work seamlessly when traveling.

In closing, the tips I give on working with my PA I’ve been using for around 3 years pretty much exclusively when I travel. They worked 3 years ago when I started and they still work today. Tried and tested processes that, if not broken, should not be fixed fixed!

A word to the wise – if something works for you, continue to use it…

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