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Can Offshore Virtual Assistants Create Good Quality, Original Web Content? The Virtual Business Lifestyle Case Study – Day Three

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So, if you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll know that over the last two days I have been engaging in a case study to show you all that offshore virtual assistants are indeed very capable when it comes to creating good quality web content. If you’re not a regular visitor, you’ll know of this now, obviously (because I just told you!), and I suggest you check out Day One and Day Two before reading on.

Today we finish off a monster article that one of the virtual assistants that works for my company wrote on cool online app’s for entrepreneurs – specifically for this blog, and specifically for this case study. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the series, and you’ll be coming across my ’round-up’ on everything at the end of this post! Take it away, Miss VA…

Applications for Security:

Eliminate the risk of viruses, phishing and spyware for your online transactions.

Escrow ( For secure online transactions, use Escrow. This online service works by acting as a third party that collects, holds and disburses payments according to agreed instructions, thereby protecting both you and your client from fraud. Payment can be done in many forms such as check and money order.Cloudmark Desktop ( Leave behind your worries about spam, viruses and phishing that plague your e-mail. Cloudmark Desktop is the perfect solution for managing your e-mail. It is easy to install and guaranteed to deal with spam effectively. You can download the application for your Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or Outlook Express and use it for free for a trial period of 15 days.

Spamato ( Another e-mail filtering solution is Spamato. It is free and it can be used as an add-on for Microsoft Outlook or as an extension for Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail. Spamato works by identifying spam messages and moves the messages to a particular folder labeled “junk mail”. The application allows you to adjust several settings and see why a particular message is labeled as spam.

Client Contact Applications:

Gather and process data and relay relevant information to your clients.

Breeze ( Creating e-mail campaigns is a breeze with this application. Once you create a Breeze account, you can easily manage your list of subscribers and see in real time who is opening and clicking on your e-mail. The application provides user-friendly tools to make great looking e-mails. One of the advantages of using this application is that you only pay with the e-mail campaigns that you send. There are no monthly or hidden fees and there is no charge to set up your account.

Relenta CRM ( Behind this great application is David Allen’s concept of “getting things done”. Relenta processes and organizes your data such as such as pending tasks and other important information into a single stream so you can see what are the things that need to be done. One useful feature of Relenta is that it automatically adds a contact to your database if anyone sends you an e-mail or fills out a form on your website.

Wufoo ( A form builder application for collecting information from your users, Wufoo is so easy to use that you can build and publish your own forms without any knowledge of programming. Wufoo forms can easily be integrated into a web page and you can customize it so that it matches the appearance of your web page. Developers of this application have taken great care to ensure the data that you collect are secure. Impress your clients and keep them updated by creating forms, surveys and invitations using Wufoo.

Online Money Making Applications:

These are web applications that have dual functions – they can be tools for getting what you want and they can also be tools for generating income.

Google AdWords ( Notice those little ads that appear beside the search results in Google Search? That is where you see your ads when you advertise your business in Google. You only pay if people click your ads. But first, you have to carefully choose your keywords so that your ads will appear next to the search results when people search your keywords on the Google. You can set your ads to target a particular audience for your local business. You can also have advertisers place their ads on your website and get paid. But make sure that your site attracts enough traffic to invite advertisers.

PayPerPost ( You can advertise your website or business through blogs to build traffic on your site, syndicate content and so much more. PayPerPost provides you with a blogger who write stories about your chosen topic and post them on their own blogs. Bloggers get paid for blogging about your business and you reap the benefits of heavy traffic and positive reviews directed to your site.

Text Link Ads ( The Text Link Ads application is a unique service in that it provides you with static HTML links that help drive traffic to your website and boost your SEO campaign. Text Link Ads is also a great way to earn lots of money by selling your website space for others. There are thousands of advertisers like you who want targeted traffic for their websites. If you want to monetize your site, you only have to set up the Text Link Ads on your site once and it will provide you with a consistent revenue stream.

Chris’ Conclusion

cherie, philippine virtual assistantThe fact that I have put this originally created content on my own personal blog should give you enough indication on how I feel about the professionalism, working ability and writing skill-set of the Filipino virtual assistant. And here she is – Cherie, one of our virtual assistants at the Live2Sell Group.

Busy entrepreneurs are absolutely MENTAL if they think that they should handle all the tasks required to market themselves and their products / services online or offline. Good support is paramount to the overall success of any business owner. Think about it. Write down what you either don’t want to do, or what you think you shouldn’t be doing – and then go find someone that can do those tasks for you!

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