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Want Success…? Say ‘Thank You’ More! (Plus, a Public Message to My Wife!)

Today’s post is a short one. It’s about as simple of a message as you can get.

Say ‘thank you’ more often.

I’ve found that since I’ve been in business for myself, my success has become more and more apparent and I have been able to develop more and more meaningful relationships – both business and personal – by simply saying two little words more often than I have done in the past.

When you feel as if you should thank someone for a job well done, do it. When you believe someone needs a pat on the back, pat them on the back. The simple gratitude that the words ‘thank you’ bring to someones day is by far one of the most success-driving activities you can get involved with.

Here’s MY ‘Thank You’ for Today!

To my beautiful, loving wife, Ercille…

You have given me so much to strive for. Your ability to continuously encourage and support me and to help me always see things in a good light, no matter what, is something that I am thankful for every day. Your love and affection is something that I cherish.

And the way you love all three of our children, even though you personally only helped me make one of them, is nothing short of heroic! You are my hero. My best friend… I love you.

Thank you, darling…

Now, stop reading blog posts and go say ‘thank you’ to someone!

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