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One Week in my Virtual Business Lifestyle – Searching, Stressing (a little!) and Producing!

Location: Company HQ – Reading / Viewing Time: 4mins

Last Friday I shot this quick video (with my webcam, so quality is a little lower than usual), in regards to last week’s going-on’s. I originally thought I might just slam this up on our Facebook Fan Page, but then figured a post would get it to a larger audience – so, here you go.

It was a bit of a topsy-turvy week, and I can report that I am STILL looking for that Operation’s Manager – so, if you fancy it and have previous, relevant experience, let me know. I will bring you a little more up to date on everything this coming Friday, when my latest Monthly Report (for July) will go live.

As I continue on my quest for that Full-Time Virtual CEO goal (link is to the first EVER post here on the blog, where I launched my year-long mission, for you newbie visitors!), I am being consistently reminded just how hard of a job it is to remove yourself from the day-to-day operational side of any business – especially one with over 200+ employees attached to it. The virtual business way of making money aint as easy as it might seem, trust me – but is is attainable, and I’ll get there, dont worry!

It’s my vision, plans for next year and family that keeps me going, I must say.

Thanks for the continued support from you guys, too. I appreciate every bit of it, believe me. See you on Friday!

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