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September 2010 “Virtual CEO Goal” Monthly Report

Chris Ducker's September 2010 Monthly Report

Las Vegas - I'm Coming... Get Ready!

Number of Days in the Office: 19, Total Number of Employees: 211

This month literally flew by – faster than any other this year, without a doubt. And, if I was to be really honest, I probably worked harder and longer hours this month than I have over the entire year, too. People have even been emailing and tweeting me saying things like ‘Chris, everything okay… You’re very quiet!’ – mainly because I have been 110% focused on hitting this Virtual CEO goal of mine.

First up – good news. I finally found my Operations Manager. The hire that has eluded me for the best part of 3 months finally happened when I met our latest addition to the Live2Sell Group team – Ben Crisanto. Ben comes to us by way of Utah, and has over 10 years experience in the business world under his belt, as well as half of that team being spent in and around call centers. He’s a great match for the role, and I am genuinely very happy that we’ve brought him on board. I have big plans for this guy in the coming years.

Ben’s ‘Number One’ goal right now – his words, not mine – is to enable me to achieve my Virtual CEO goal. He is working tirelessly at getting all the processes and systems in place that we’re developing to make sure that our business runs even better than it has over the 5 years we’ve been in business. And we are definitely getting there, slowly – but, surely.

Secondly, the launch of Virtual Staff Finder just 5 weeks ago went really well. A barrage of entrepreneurs signed-up for the service, including some pretty big internet marketing names, and I am happy to say that we have to date matched 22 virtual workers with smart, savvy entrepreneurs using the service. I actually have another couple of business models I am going to spin off of this service in the coming months, so lots to develop.

My son, Charlie and Me

Charlie, showing me how to Fight - Pinoy Style!

Other than my youngest Son, Charlie, proving that he can now out battle me with my Eskrima sticks. I had another pretty busy month. Other notable incidents this month:

  • I sign-up for my first online related expo. I will be attending BlogWorld in Vegas from Oct 14-16. I already have plans to meet with several of the names and faces you’ve seen on this blog over the last few months, to do some face-to-face planning, videoing and chatting – so look forward to some great stuff coming your way in the remainder of the year. This will be my 5th trip to Vegas. Love the place!
  • We unfortunately lost a client this month. But, the great news is that we signed up another three brand new clients almost immediately, and one in particular has amazing growth potential. I am very excited about the last quarter of the year, in regards to our continued growth.
  • Started finalizing my first real ‘digital product’ (unrelated to this site), and I believe that I have hit on a niche that will be a nice little earner for me on a month-to-month basis. I have plains for several other products and online ventures going into next year (all part of that Virtual CEO lifestyle, as well as continuing to build the Live2Sell brand), so I am excited to see how this first one does.
  • Myself and Tyrone Shum did a great free webinar on the subject of Entrepreneurial Outsourcing at the end of the month. In case you missed it, we recorded it for you, and you can get the full webinar for free here, which went on for a killer hour and fifteen minutes!
  • We had an awesome discussion (probably the best ever) on our How Much Do I Pay My Home-Based Virtual Assistant post earlier in the week. Some very strong opinions were shown, and if you commented, thank you for making this post so successful.
  • I finally folded to requests of posting a video of me and my band. You can see the video below.
  • Waaaaaay more stuff that I can’t think of…

I am very happy to say that I also had a tremendous response to the ‘VBL Guest Post Month‘ post a couple of weeks back, and we simply just couldn’t go with just 8 posts in the end. So, we’ll be publishing 15 posts in October written, filmed and recorded by your guys, the VBL Community, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They will be drip-fed to the blog whilst I travel the USA, putting the blog on auto-pilot for the entire month. I will, however, be touching base from time to time to respond to comments, tweets, etc.

Another jam-packed month. October is going to no doubt be a little quiet from me, not just because of the traveling I’ll be doing, but also because of the PLANNING I’ll be doing. A lot more to happen before I can assume the position of ‘The Virtual CEO‘, but hey – a great lifestyle doesn’t fall in your lap – you have to bust your butt to build it!

In closing, I’d like to ask you guys what you’ve been thinking of the content here on the blog recently, in all aspects. As you know, I’ve been trying out a lot of new angles. I plan to fine-tune the direction of the blog going into next year.

So, I’d really appreciate your feedback now, to make my planning a little easier and more productive. Tell me what you don’t like and what you want to see more of in the comments section below.

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