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Ask the Readers: How Important is Setting Goals if You Work from Home?

Messy Home Office

No – this is NOT my home-office! But, I have been in some like this before!

If you’re an online business owner, or a virtual entrepreneur, or anyone who earns a living working for themselves, you’re bound to experience a lot of challenges despite freeing yourself from a nagging boss and getting to work at a time and place of your choice, let’s face it!

The absence of a boss – and their breathing down your neck – can still take you off course from your desired timeline. Even if you ARE the boss, like myself, a lot of home-based entrepreneurs that have full control (or perhaps the lack thereof) of their work tend to procrastinate at one point or another; it can even sometimes be an ordeal to just get started on one particular task and then stay on it until the job gets done!

For me, setting goals is absolutely, without a doubt, the most important thing for entrepreneurs to do, to be able to become successful at what they set out to do for a living (or even in their personal lives). Whether they work from home, or not.

As a full-time Virtual CEO I’ve started working at home more and more (and will even be remodeling my home office soon, as I mentioned in a recent post), and I’ve found that I tend to do things more spontaneously than I did last year, when I would work at home for perhaps 2-3 hours at a time (usually on one focused task).

It’s become clear to me that setting goals, regardless of their size, or time-sensitive nature, is of great importance for home-based workers, myself included, since it not only gives you a time frame for completing your tasks, but more importantly, keeps you motivated.

I’d love to hear your take on this subject, everyone. Perhaps we can help each other out with a loads of tips and tactics.

Over to you guys!


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