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Why You Need to Slow Down to Achieve More


I’ve been thinking a lot about speed recently…

  • The speed at which I can read a book.
  • The speed at which I can hit my goals.
  • The speed at which I can sell out a new event.
  • The speed at which I can connect with my community every day – both inside our private membership and via social media.

Lots and lots of thinking, and all based around speed. Then it hit me… “Chris, this is all very well, but man… you’re going to get very tired, very quickly if you keep going at this pace!”. And I’m right.

I’ve burned out before (twice!), and it won’t happen again, I tell ya!

Why not slow down to achieve more?

Know When to Slow Things Down

Entrepreneurs can get caught up in a spiral of never-ending working, networking and promoting – which is why it’s important to know when to slow things down… to achieve more.

Slowing down helps you make sure that you don’t steamroll into projects, waste resources like time (our most valuable commodity) and money, and it can ensure that your entrepreneurial growth succeeds, above and beyond expectations.

Not only that, but when you slow down, you become more relaxed – we must switch off from time to time. Doing so is good of our health, our relationships, our business. Everything.

Rebooting, Regrouping, Refocusing

It’s this rebooting and regrouping that so many personal brand entrepreneurs need to start embracing… hell… we need to start falling in love with the darn concept!

Doing so will also help us focus on the bigger picture. The more important aspects of our brands and business. Things like our overall consistency in producing high quality content to help our audience, as well as the relationships that we have with our audience members… AKA. Our Community. AKA. Our Customers!

So, think about being more deliberate with your actions. With the projects you work on. With the time you spend doing what you do, and with whom you’re spending it with.

Thinking about what you can do, what changes you can make – to slow down to achieve more.

What do you think of this ‘slow down’ message I’m harking on about? Tweet me, and let me know!

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