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Why Small Businesses Have it WRONG and How to Avoid Making the Same Mistake!

Since the day I started my call center company I have always put my employees first and I continue to – all 260-odd of them.


It’s simply been my number one priority, with the understanding that if I treat them well, pay them right, give them opportunities for growth and be a nice guy to work for, that they will stay with me for the long-term.

The call center industry here in the Philippines is pretty tough, with an annual staff turnover rate of around 60% (yes, you read that right!). At my company it’s been under 8% since day one – we’re celebrating our fifth anniversary in March next year.

It’s something that we pride ourselves on at the Live2Sell Group, and something that personally, as the owner of the business is a driving force for me both as an entrepreneur, and an employer.

Re-Discovering the Reason

Last week one of my favorite entrepreneurs and content creators hit the scene again after a fairly quiet 8-10 months. Gary Vaynerchuk started posting videos again. And towards the end of last week, as I was flying to Manila to attend a private Mastermind group, I stumbled over one of his latest clips.

In the clip below you’ll see Gary talk about how he believes that the amazing growth of his company, Vaynermedia over the last 12-18 months is all down to his people. I’d have to agree. I’ve conversed with a couple in the past, and they were fantastic.

He also points out that most business owners need to flip the switch a little! Watch the video for all the goodness.

In true Gary Varynerchuk fashion, he drops an f-bomb at the end of this video (those that are a little sensitive might want to skip this part of the clip – or this blog, actually, because I swear from time to time, too!).

Flip the Switch – Regardless of What Size it is!

As I feel passionately about looking after my people and honor them with providing a great environment to work in (see the image below), and an atmosphere that promotes both individual and team growth and development, I absolutely resonated with Gary and his ideas of putting employees first, then existing clients, then the hunt for new business.

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So, the moral of the story today, kids, is that you need to REALLY prioritize whats truly important to you and your business, in order to grow and succeed. Gary and I have it right, as far as I’m concerned. Do you?

Regardless of the size of your business, whether you have just one single virtual assistant, or an entire army of people, sit back for 5mins right NOW, and see what you’re doing to make a difference in their development as PEOPLE, not just employees – because they all have a direct effect on the potential success of your enterprise.

What do you think about this philosophy? Should you take your eye of the client rolodex and concentrate on employees, or do you feel that once they are trained, they should fend for themselves  so you can grow, grow, grow…? Let’s kickstart a chit-chat below!

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