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Undergoing Invasive Spine Fusion Surgery, My Initial Recovery and the Future…

Me – Before Surgery!

You might have noticed that I have not been blogging all that much over the last two months. The reasons behind this have been two fold.

First up, Virtual Staff Finder was (and continues to) moving at a very fast pace in February and March and needed more of my attention as we not only ramped up our marketing, but also our team, too. We now have 6 full-time staff members to handle clients and VA’s respectively. We have always been the leader in this space, and will continue to be the GO TO GUYS for entrepreneur’s looking for dependable, experienced and qualified offshore VA’s to help them run, support and grow their businesses.

Pass the Scalpel 

Secondly, I started experiencing re-occurring back problems from an injury I suffered several years ago. To cut a long story short, I opted to go under the knife and have a majorly invasive spine fusion operation to correct the problem. For those of you who sent well wishes through my social media channels during the period, I thank you. I’m still recovering and it will be a long, long time until I am back (pun intended!) to full health.

This post is actually being published from my hospital bed, as I continue to recover, 6-days post surgery.

The Future

With all this said and done, however, I am looking forward to the future NOW, more than ever.

Even though my recovery from the surgery will be long and hard with, no doubt, certain bouts of pain and misery, I know that when I reach the end of the recovery road, I will be stronger, smarter and more ready to rock ‘n roll than ever before!

I also have several projects up my sleeve which I will let you know more of in the coming months. The first of which I will discuss with you, here on the blog, next week – be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on what it is. Trust me, its BIG, with a HUGE opportunity for the right person.

So, again, thanks for all the well wishes, and I’ll be back to you again next week.

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