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The Power of Understanding Your Customers Motivations!

Important Note: The ‘Tropical Think Tank’ clip featured in this post is one of our deliverables at These live training videos, along with other exclusive content, as well as our private mastermind forums make up the Youpreneur Community. It’ll all help you build your business better! For more info click here!

Back in May 2015 I held the second annual Tropical Think Tank conference in the Philippines. It was a brilliant week full of amazing masterminding, lots of fun and games, and a boat load of business learning.

One speaker who was a real hit with our attendees was Darren Rowse, from Problogger. In this short clip, he urges you to ‘dig deeper’ and beyond just mere demographics. By identifying your audiences needs, problems, desires and fears, you can find out what is meaningful for them and understand how you can help them better.

It’s all about understanding your customers motivations.

He also talks about how the best blogs aim for more than just providing something useful to their readers, they aim to leave a mark on their readers. Darren does a marvellous job of encouraging everyone to identify what their readers are when they arrive on their blogs and more importantly, what they will become when they leave.

We know the power of creating avatars for our online audiences – those people that we ultimately want to market and sell to – but, by creating ‘future avatars’, you gain not only more ideas on content, but you also strengthen your message and how to monetize your blog.

It’s watching world class leaders, such as Darren in action that’ll propel your business growth online. I’ve learned so much from listening to him myself, and I know I’ll continue to do so – he’s THAT good!

It’s this never-ending approach to building a business, as well as the focus on surrounding yourself with the right, like-minded people that we’re all about inside of the Youpreneur Community – come check us out.

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