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By Demand: Private USA Mastermind Sessions Coming this July! (Limited Seats)

usa-flagAt the beginning of May, I ran the 1st and 2nd Chris Ducker Dot Com Mastermind Sessions in London, comprising of 20 people in total, which sold out in less than 48-hours.

For many of those that attended, it was their first mastermind ever.

Being in an exclusive setting with other likeminded entrepreneurs to discuss business for an entire day was memorable enough, but once you add-on the time spent enjoying drinks together afterwards, the experience turned into something completely different.

Friendships were formed. Alliances were created. Joint ventures entered into and even businesses have been started-up. Here are some of the actions that London attendees have taken in the last few weeks, post Mastermind:

  • Full re-branding and re-design of their blog, increasing opt-in’s immediately.
  • Launched full Udemy course, and is already seeing sales.
  • Registered new domain for an info-product, and mapped out course already.
  • Threw away one business model, pivoting into a huge market with great potential.
  • Re-launched auto-responder series, instantly boosting affiliate sales.

And now, due to high demand, I’m bringing the same experience to the USA, this coming July – it’s gonna be awesome!!!

Before I give you all the information you need to figure out whether you’d like to attend one of the USA sessions, check out this quick video that one of the London participants put together. It sums up the experience perfectly:

Session #1 – Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, on Saturday 20th, July we’ll be converging for the day at Working Village in Santa Monica. As one of the most popular co-working spots in town, we’ll enjoy a full day in their super bright, modern facility, complete with massive whiteboard and plenty of other professional amenities.



Session #2 – NEW YORK

The New York session is being held on Wednesday 24th, July at Jay Suites in Times Square! You can’t get any more central to this location. The facility boasts a full corporate setting, complete with stretched out conference table, a modern, energetic feel and everything else we’ll need.



Both days include the following:

  • Full day of business brainstorming and mind-mapping (9AM-6PM).
  • Light lunch and refreshments.
  • Unlimited coffee and water.
  • Free WiFi Access, All-Day.
  • Large projector, and lots of power strips.
  • More entrepreneurial greatness than you can shake a stick at!

If you’ve not attended a mastermind session like this before, do not let it put you off. As I said, many of the London attendees were in the same boat, and now they’re arranging Google+ Hangouts to continue to help each other!!!

Added Bonus – Access to our Exclusive Facebook Community

An added feature for the London attendees has been the private Facebook group that was set up, exclusively for mastermind attendees only. Both LA and NY will have their own groups created and managed by my staff.

This is the perfect way for us all to interact prior to the session taking place, getting to know each other a little more. It’s also the best way for me to keep you all up to date with plans for the day, preparations you need to make, etc.

Plus, these groups don’t disappear after the session. I keep them live, so that you can continue to interact with each other, share resources and tools, as well as discuss action plans that came out of the event, etc. It not only holds you accountable, but also acts as a support system, too.

Very Limited Seating!

The fact is that being surrounded by other smart, savvy entrepreneurs is what it’s all about! The road to business success can be a lonely one at times. Getting involved with sessions like this makes it all the more enjoyable, and productive.

Due to the very nature of mastermind sessions, they are kept small. My sessions are no different. In both LA and NY there will be just 10-seats available on both days.

Once they full up, they’re gone. That’s it.

I look forward to seeing 20 of you in the USA this coming July at the 3rd and 4th Chris Ducker Dot Com Mastermind Sessions. I’m hoping to be able to do these small events in cities all over the world going forward…

Ideas for future Mastermind destinations – I’d love hear them – comment below!

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