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How to Utilize Online Technology to Make Yourself Look Bigger, More Professional and More Experienced!

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Got a real treat for you guys today – this is one of three videos that I shot with good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Sanjay Maholtra, on my recent visit to San Francisco. For those of you who don’t know Sanjay, he is a angel investor and tech start-up MADMAN from the Bay Area, who amongst other things loves $5.00 pizzas (wait to the end of the video for an explanation on this!).

Although this video is a little longer than most here at Virtual Business Lifestyle, its a goodie. We go into how small companies, and even solopreneurs, can make themselves seem bigger, better, more professional and generally more capable when approaching new prospective clients (of all sizes), by using online apps and technology partners… plus much more!

The resources that Sanjay mentions in this post should definitely be checked out by every one and all of you who are wanting to ‘paint the picture’ of a slightly larger, older, more experienced company or entity to be able to bag clients either domestically or across the globe.Here are the links to the resources we mention in this clip:

There is another video coming (the final one) from myself and Sanjay next week, where we discuss the importance of being mobile, from right outside the Billy Mays Gate at the AT&T Baseball Park!!! We each give a few tips on how we both stay productive when working on the move, overseas or locally, and have a bit of fun, too – so make sure you sign up for the RSS feed if you haven’t already so you dont miss it!

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