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Ask the Readers: Do Interviews Help a Blog Grow? (Plus: My Podcast Set-Up!)

Me and David on his Awesome Web TV Show ‘The Rise to the Top’

For todays VBL Discussion post, I actually want to turn it into a double-barrel type of post – Q&A and Discussion. I was recently emailed by VBL Subscriber, Gene, who was asking me about the interviews I do for the VBL Podcast.

In particular, Gene wanted to know how I record the calls, and how I embed them. This is actually a question that I have receieved a whole bunch of times over the time that I’ve been recording them, and I usually reply to the emails individually, but its happening a little too often now. So, I am going to reply here, and then just point people to this post in the future, should subscribers continue to ask about this particular topic!

For reference, here’s a copy of Gene’s email to me:


I’m a huge fan. I first heard of you on Maren Kate’s podcast, followed by only about a hundred places! I have two questions:

1. The interview with Matthew Needham. Did you use Call Recorder for Mac to videorecord that interview? Or (please say yes) some other app that works on PC?

2. What app did you use to embed the video in the blog? I note that it is not youtube, like the Pat Flynn interview.

Keep up the great work. Right behind ya.


The Tutorial!

So, to answer Gene’s questions… Yes, I do use ‘Call Recorder‘ on the Mac to record the interviews. I originally got this tip from my buddy, David Siteman Garland from ‘The Rise to the Top’ (which I’m proud to say, I was featured on a couple of days ago – click here to check out my chat with David, if you missed it!). And if you’re any kind of self-loving entrepreneur, you MUST check out his new book ‘Smart, Faster, Cheaper‘ which goes on sale next week, on the 7th..!

And in regards to embedding the video, for anything longer than 15mins (YouTube‘s maximum time limit, for non-share holders!), I use – awesome service, and you can brand your player by using a logo – so cool!

Although not specifically asked about in this email, I then use the WP Plugin ‘Power Press‘, to embed the audio versions of the interviews onto the post page here at the blog, and also auto-publish to iTunes, too – I host all the podcasts on my own server.

So – tutorial over! Hope you enjoyed it.

This Week’s Discussion Point!

Obviously, I feel immensely proud of the growth and popularity of the VBL Podcast. I get tweets, emails and FB comments almost daily, from people all around the world saying how much they enjoy it and how inspiring it is for them, which is absolutely fantastic!

My question to you guys today is – Do you feel doing interviews is a good way to grow a blog? Think about it – would you rather be focusing efforts on SEO, social media, or perhaps just good old fashioned Guest Posting to grow your audience..?

Over to you guys…!

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