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Why I Want to be a Virtual CEO (Part 3 of 3)

Location: The Beach, Cebu – Reading / Viewing Time: 4mins

First up, thank you so much for all the great comments and feedback on this short video series. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the blog comments, tweets and emails I’ve been getting all week long. I genuinely didn’t think they were going to be this popular, but, it just goes to show you – never underestimate the power of peoples feelings, and true fans and friends. Thanks again, guys.

Today I wrap up the series, which I shot at a local beach resort here in Cebu, Philippines, when I was on a little getaway with my family last week. In this clip you’ll get to find out the single most important part of wanting to become a Full-Time Virtual CEO – simply being able to ‘be there’ more, for my family. Such a simple thing, but in todays hustle and bustle of business life, its sometimes tough to get around to it.

If you haven’t already realized, I am hell-bent on achieving my goal this year, and this is absolutely the main reason why.

As you’ll no doubt remember, in the first post of the series I mentioned that some people didn’t even know I was out of the office when I was on this short trip (just awesome!) Then, in the second video of the series, I talked about being able to get focused on planning, strategizing and working on continually growing my personal business empire going into next year. However, nothing is more important than being able to spend more time with my family.

I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed the ‘Why I Want to be a Virtual CEO‘ video series. Please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and don’t forget the blogs’ RSS Feed, too, to be able to get notified the moment I post new content each time.


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Thanks again for all your support. I look forward, as I always do, to reading your comments below.

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