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Are People Unsubscribing from Your Blog? Relax. It Happens To Me, Too – But, Why?

How to Avoid People Unsubscribing from your Blog

Last month exactly 125 people unsubscribed from my Aweber email list.

This shocked me quite a bit, I have to be honest. But, as a businessman, it’s intrigued me even more. You see, I’m a firm believer that we are not ‘perfect’ in any way, shape or form. We all have our flaws. But, I believe I’ve built a pretty solid blog here, and a decent online following, too. However, was the reason behind people unsubscribing down to my content, or something else..?

I’m forced to ask myself the following six questions, and more:

  • Does the pop-up I have on my site get me ‘real’ subscribers/fans, or just freebie-collectors?
  • Am I doing something ‘wrong’ on the blog?
  • Is my content not thought-provoking enough?
  • Am I not being ‘real’ enough?
  • Is my content not helpful enough?
  • Is my content not entertaining enough?

If You’re a Freebie Collector, We Don’t Need You!

I’ve been averaging around 15-20 opt-in’s a day (M-F) here at the VBL Blog. About 60% of those new sign-up’s come from the pop-up I have on my site. It’s a proven fact that these opt-in enticers work – but, are they REAL opt-in’s? I personally think that a lot of them are not. I’ve seen people come in and out of my email list within days, all too often.

Don’t get me wrong… I like the idea that someone wants to read my eBook enough to at least ‘subscribe’ for a brief moment and then unsubscribe, but in terms of REALLY subscribing to the VBL… Ah, that’s a different story, right!?!

See how I say we dont need you’ in the sub-title text above. That’s because the VBL Blog has become a lot more than just a blog over the last 6-8 months. It’s now a hustling, bustling community of like-minded people that are all ‘in it to win it’. And, lets face it, fake numbers on a mailing list are simply not part of the long-term plan.

I want REAL subscribers. REAL people. And entrepreneurs with REAL passion subscribing to VBL.

I Need Answers – from YOU!

So, I intend to make a few changes here at VBL pretty soon. Some of them are inspired by my video grillin’ with Derek Halpern last week… Some from my own feelings, concepts and ideas. Firstly, I believe I will be getting rid of the pop-up. Secondly, I will probably stop sending out the ‘post update’ emails each time a new post is published, too. If people like what I have to offer that much, then they will pop over to the blog once or twice a week to catch up, anyway, right…?!

My question to you, of which I will treasure every single answer to, from everyone, is quite simply:

If you were the one in control of VBL, what would you change about it, and why…?

Thanks, so much, in advance, everyone.

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