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How to Claim YOUR Piece of the YouEconomy!

The age of the Youpreneur is well and truly here, as more and more entrepreneurs build long-term and successful businesses based on their personal brands.

As our audiences become more particular with how they want to be treated as potential customers, it’s all about bringing a more personal approach to educating, inspiring and helping people that will set us apart from other faceless companies, or brands.

To help you claim your own own slice of the ‘YouEconomy’ pie, something that Success Magazine covered in quite some detail recently – as well as featuring yours truly as part of the August 2016 issue, check out this new video, where I share five quick tips to help you develop your personal brand, establish entrepreneurial relationships and become THE influencer in whatever market you’re focusing on serving.

In the video I discuss the following and more: 

  • Why you should be providing solutions to your audience’s problems.
  • The importance of gaining experience in your niche before attempting to help people.
  • The one thing you should be putting a premium on, when building your business. Hint: it’s probably not what you think it is!
  • Why it’s important to be ‘seen to sell’ as an influencer.
  • The key ingredient you need, when building the ‘Business of YOU’.

It’s these very principles and more that we focus on inside of the Youpreneur Community, a private mastermind of personal brand entrepreneurs that are 100% all-in on building, marketing, monetizing and growing a business around their expertise and what they can do to ‘move the needle’ in the lives of people they come into contact with.If that sounds like you, please do join us inside – I know you’ll appreciate the support and accountability.

Let’s Not Forget What’s REALLY Important

As you lay down the groundwork for your personal brand, it’s always important to remember that it can change and evolve just like you do, on a regular basis.

This is why it’s important to always pay attention to what your audience says. It might be the ‘youeconomy’, but never forget it’s your audience that’ll shape how your business grows over time. We’ve got to keep focusing in on that. That focus on supporting and helping a group of people, ie. your tribe.

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You’re just 10 steps away from your own
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