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Your Personal Brand IS Your Business!

After returning from a New York trip, I had a few important observations. 

One of them catching me a little by surprise, too!

First up, the power of the personal brand is still very much alive and kicking! There’s been a good amount of chatter in recent months in regards to folks wanting to step into the shadows and ‘build a business’, not a personal brand. 

I want to squash this once and for all.

Your Personal Brand IS Your Business!

While I was in New York I did the closing keynote at ProfitCon for my buddy, Mike Michalowicz.

Throughout my time at the conference I was stopped over and over again by attendees (who I had never met before).

They told me that they’d been listening to my podcast for years, or had read my books, or had purchased my courses… or had seen me speak somewhere else before – and were now looking forward to signing up to the Youpreneur Incubator, or working with one of my companies.

You see, although it might have been a definitive moment, it wasn’t me speaking at the event that made them ready to work with me. 

It was because they had known me and my work for years and years. 

They ‘knew me’. They trusted me. And because of that alone, they were ready to get started.

Don’t underestimate the importance of playing the long-game when it comes to business, and especially to your personal brand.

I was also reminded about the importance of relationships.

In just one evening, which consisted of dinner and drinks with two separate parties, I confirmed four different affiliate partners that are now all-in on an upcoming launch we’ll be promoting soon.

These relationships have been formed over the last 7-8 years and this is the first time any of these folks are partnering with me officially. 

As I always say, relationships should be treasured – not used. 

All I needed to do was mention the upcoming promotion in conversation and they all agreed to jump on board to have some fun and make some money as part of the launch.

Finally… and this was the surprising takeaway, we had an incredible time at The Langham on 5th Avenue in NYC. I’ve stayed in hotels all around the world. Some better than others, obviously. But, the experience myself and my wife had at The Langham in New York was the absolute best we’ve had at any hotel, anywhere.

The attention to detail was spot-on. The staff were legendary – nothing was too much, or too little. And the building itself quickly felt like a home away from home.

The Big NYC Takeaway - Just Give a Sh*t!

They cared. It was clear from the moment we checked-in, to the moment our car came to collect us upon checking-out.

All too often we get stuck in the day to day running of our businesses that we stop looking at how things are perceived by our customers. The Langham in New York clearly don’t stop looking at these things.

They obsess over them. They give a sh*t and it’s crystal clear.

So, do likewise, my friend.

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