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35 ‘New Media’ Marketing Tips, from Top ‘New Media’ Experts!

I’ve been knocked sideways by how fast some entrepreneurs create, launch and catapult a business to success in recent years.

They seem to be fully immersed in the New Business Manifesto way of life!

All you need to do is flick through the pages of Entrepreneur magazine, or tune into ‘Tech Stars’ on Bloomberg to see how the movers and shakers of the new economy are getting shit done in todays business world.

As an entrepreneur, it’s incredibly exciting to see!

So, I decided to go out and grab ahold of the people that are making a difference in what they are doing in the business world, and more importantly HOW they’re doing it. What follows, in no particular order, is their answers to one very simple question.

I’ll kick things off, if thats okay with you…

35 ‘New Business’ Tips, from 35 Successful ‘New Business’ Entrepreneurs

Chris C. Ducker – Erm… I own this site. ‘Nuff said.
For me, the landscape has changed so much in the last 10-years its incredible. If I could go back and get the chance to change just one thing, it would be to get started online sooner. To start a blog sooner, to sit in front of the video camera sooner and to start podcasting sooner!

The ability to capture the imagination and undivided attention of prospective customers from all around the world has never been as easy and as simple to achieve as it is online. As it is NOW.

Get active online, people. That’s MY tip!

Derek Halpern – 99% Useless & 1% Dangerous 
Smart entrepreneurs who want to thrive—not just survive—in today’s overcrowded marketplace MUST master the field of psychology. Because when you take away all the fancy tools, what you’ve got are people sitting at their computers and checking email on their phones. And these people are looking for companies that “get” them.

Not just understand who they are, but understand what drives them to do the things they do.

CC Chapman – Author, Speaker & Photographer
Be who you are and never try to be someone you are not. People respect good old fashion blunt honesty. And have a rock solid and needed product or service or else everything else doesn’t matter one bit!

Michael Stelzner – Founder of Social Media Examiner
Give it all away, share your best ideas and watch better ones come back to you in spades.

Gideon Shalwick – Online Video Marketing Expert
Create amazing products that spread because they are amazing. Marketing and advertising can help kick start the process, but it all HAS to be founded on an amazing product. Great examples include Apple and Dropbox… before you even get exposed to their official advertising, you’re already converted. If you’re using Apple or DropBox products and services, ask yourself: “How did I find out about this, and what made me buy?” I bet your answer may have something to do with someone else raving about these products and services?

The only way people can rave to others about your product or service, is if they’ve had an amazing product or service experience from you. Therefore, think deeply about your market and what they want (or what they may want in the future), and then create something that totally blows them away.

Build everything else around this idea.

Ashley Ambirge – Proprietor of the Middle Finger Project
The experience is the product (or service)–more so now than ever. And more so now than ever, you need to be conscious in crafting the right experience for the right people. Otherwise, you’re a commodity.

Otherwise, no one will care. And that’s a problem.

Ralph Quintero – Founder of The Great Business Project
It’s having a system in place for every aspect of your biz. It makes things repeatable & scalable. You are able to give your customers a consistent experience & your employee. It makes retaining and recruiting top talent easy too.

Deb Ng – Director of Community at New Media Expo
Go for quality over quantity. Don’t vaguely pitch to thousands of people on a list. Instead reach out to a few select people, get to know them, and tailor the pitch. Be available to answer questions & receive feedback.

Lewis Howes – 2 Sport All-American & Webinar Stud
My first thought was to say that building quality relationships is the most important thing in business in today’s economy.  But to be honest, the most important thing is continuing to work on yourself.  This could include ongoing learning and growth with your body, mind, and through your communication skills.

Focusing on improving yourself is the key, as YOU are your best asset.

Leo Babauta – Simplicity Blogger & Author
Everything changes, so be flexible.

Scott Gerber – Founder of Young Entrepreneur Council
Keep your business simple and focused. Build it organically and systematically. Keep your eye on cash flow!

Simon Salt – Digital Strategist & Author
Now more than ever, business is about real relationships. Don’t rely on tech/social. Connect.

Sonia Simone – Co-Founder of CopyBlogger Media
Listen to your audience — to your customers and those who may become your customers. Ignore everyone else.

Adam Baker – Blogger & Kick-Ass Documentary Film-Maker
Show genuine personality (to build trust) and lay out a vision for “why” you are in business that people can easily relate to. The more people can know and trust you, the less “this” economy matters in your business.

Chris Garrett – Web Geek & Co-Author of ‘Problogger’
A strong network will help you navigate the turbulence that is the default state nowadays. It is where your opportunities, important news, referrals, job openings, and site visitors will come from. People see it as a “nice to have”. An after thought. Don’t leave it until you really need it because then is too late. But it should be way more important to you than that.

As the famous saying goes, “Dig your well before you are thirsty”. Another is “Fix your roof while the sun is shining!”.

David Siteman Garland – WebTV Host & Author of ‘Smart, Faster, Cheaper’
Look for highly leveraged opportunities as opposed to “dollars for hours” which could be information products, software, etc

Jordan Cooper – Stand-up Comedian & Web Marketer
Don’t rely on anyone or anything. Expect nothing from no one.

Chris Guillebeau – Author of ‘The $100 Dollar Startup’ & World Domination Summit Founder
Lower risk by a) starting quickly, and b) refraining from investing capital until the concept is proven.

Allison Boyer – New Media Expo Gal & Zombie Wrangler
Work incredibly hard. Whether you have your own business or are working for someone else, you’ll be more successful in your career if you have a strong worth ethic. If what you’re doing is just “good enough,” trust me: it isn’t good enough. You have to be dedicated to doing your best.

Corbett Barr – Entrepreneur & Founder of Think Traffic
Don’t worry about the current economy. Good ideas and solid execution still win in any economy.

Dan Lyons – Professional DJ & Podcaster
Always rely on data. Data to research your market, data to decide what’s working and what’s not. In this ever changing environment, there’s always new methods and techniques that can lead you down endless rabbit holes. Whereas concrete evidence and data can always help you make informed decisions about your business and where it’s going!

Scott Fox – Author of Click Millionaires
Help other people so much that they want to tell their friends. You’ll feel good about your work, your customers will love it, and you’ll save tons of time and money on marketing, too!

Denise O’Berry – Small Business Expert
Never be a bank for your customer. Collect your $$ up front as much as possible.

Leslie Samuel – Become a Blogger Main Man
If you’re going to start a business in today’s economy, start a business that will have a meaningful impact on the lives of others. There are too many average businesses out there. Yours HAS TO be different. Yours should change lives. How do you do that online? Provide unique, while injecting your personality to stand out from the crowd – and Keep at it!

Johnny B. Truant – Host of the Self Publishing Podcast
Be flexible and learn to analyze and adapt. Nothing will sink you faster than picking a model and refusing to deviate from it.

Maren Kate – Founder at Zirtual & Blogger
Bootstrap for as long as you possibly can, it’ll help you iterate faster & focus on what’s important.

Jaime Tardy – Business Coach & Karate Lover
Make sure you are solving a deep enough pain. It’s easy to cut back the things we don’t want. We can’t cut the things that we truly need. If you can show a prospect how much (in numbers!!) that your product or service will do for them- then you will have a easier time selling:)

Srini Rao – Host & Co-Founder at BlogCast FM
Be open to new connections. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received from a  coach was that “you’re only one interaction away from having the life you want.”  I believe that every single person you come in contact with in the online world brings something of value to your life.  The beautiful thing about the world we live in today is that you have access to people like never before.

But don’t limit yourself  to the “influencers.” Today’s nobody could be tomorrow’s somebody.  Make friends not followers. Everything else will eventually work itself out.

Ivana Taylor – DIY Marketing Expert
Run a referral system that integrates social media with networking

Matthew Needham – Biz Coach & Consultant
Execute. Ideas without action are useless. Need to take action. Even big ideas can be broken down to small steps.

Danny Brown – Award-winning Marketer & Author
I’d say be a PAL: Process, Acknowledge, Learn/Lead.

Mars Dorian – Visual Story Designer & Brand Lover
Cherish every customer you get, and try to blow their mind with insane value. A sustainable business is highly dependable on word-of-mouth. And the internet allows for word-of-mouth-on-steroids. But this ONLY happens if you rock your client’s world. So go drown ’em with value and care your FACE off!

Pat Flynn – Leading by Example – He’s Everywhere
Do what you can to go the extra mile – in other words: over-deliver. Always. When you do a little something extra for people (both potential and existing customers and clients), it can go a very long way in strengthening the relationship that they have with your brand.

It’ll help you stand out from your competition and it brings the powerful and intimate “small town feel” back to doing business.

David Meerman Scott – Marketing Strategist & Bestselling Author
You’ve got to communicate in real-time. Old-style campaign-mode marketing & PR is not enough.

Marie Forleo – Rich, Happy, Hot & B-Schooler

Why Do All These Opinions Matter?

Simple. These people are all running incredibly successful businesses in todays market.

They either have online companies, offline companies, they’re consultants, bloggers, media stars, speakers, influences and above all… they are ALL running the show. They’re their own boss, and they focus on creating the absolute best quality and high value content to inspire, motivate and encourage their followers to take action.

Have you got ONE TIP to share with the community here at the blog? I’d love to hear it below. Lets turn 35 Tips into a much higher number! It’s your turn. GO!

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