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A Week in the Life of a Virtual Business Lifestyle Executive!

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I shot this video as a “I’m here, so I might as well shoot another…” type of clip when I was filming my Top Ten Virtual Assistant Video Tips a couple of weeks ago, from the island of Boracay here in the Philippines. I have to be honest, after looking at it the first time, I wasn’t going to publish it.

But, I looked over it on Friday, with the weekend approaching, and thought that I would post it for the beginning of the week as a little ‘inspiration’ if nothing else.

I am extremely fortunate to be able to live the lifestyle that I currently (and hope to continue!) living. However, it’s not one that has come about overnight. I have worked extremely hard to be able to:

  • Work a 4-day week only
  • Travel regularly
  • Spend more time with family
  • Empty my mind more
  • Continue to grow my business
  • Work on new opportunities

And of course, I continue to work hard, but just in different ways and with different processes in place to enable the ‘virtual’ part of my business life.

As some of you will remember, my goal for 2010 is to become a Full Time Virtual CEO, and if the first quarter of the year is anything to go on, I believe I will achieve that goal. I believe the main reason behind this is because I am 110% focused on making it happen. For all of the reasons stated above, and a whole lot more.

The fact that you guys come along to the blog regularly and listen to me waffle on, humbles me unbelievably. Seriously. And I look forward to continuing to create the absolute best content I can, whether it’s written word or in the medium of video, which I am starting to prefer, to be honest.

And once I do achieve my goal, I promise that there will be something VERY special for all of you, as a way to say thank you for your support, feedback and help throughout the course of the year. I have no idea what it is yet, honestly, but you’ll deserve it, whatever it turns out to be!

So, sit down today and evaluate where you want to be in life. Not just now, but 6 months from now – a year from now. Whatever the case may be. Write it down, record it on your computer, shoot a video or even publish your own blog as a way to keep track on your goal.

And then WORK HARD to achieve it. Good luck to us all…

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