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My Top 10 Virtual Assistant Video Tip Series is LIVE on YouTube!

Location: Company Offices – Reading / Viewing Time: 6mins

When I announced my Virtual Assistant Video Tip Series last week, with a quick, first clip from the fantastic island of Boracay here in the Philippines, I had no idea (seriously!) it would be as well received as it was. I have received a ton of email on this one (thanks to all of you who contacted me!) and so as soon as I got back today, I clean up the clips and had my PA upload everything to my YouTube channel for you to check them out.

Above is Tip #4, where I discuss the pro’s and con’s of working with a Freelance VA. At the end of the clip I mention Manny Pacquiao’s fight, which I literally got to the big-screen showing in time to see the clang of the first round bell. He won – very boring fight, however! But, it didn’t stop the HUNDREDS of Filipino’s watching the fight with me, my wife and a few friends, cheering and screaming when it was announced that he had won!

As I was shooting these clips, sporadically throughout the course of the week, in various locations on the island, I got to thinking that this subject matter is way bigger than just ten short video tips and a free eBook. I am curious to see if you guys would be interested in more content on this subject, in the form of a ‘real’ eBook with lots of stuff, such as:

  • VA Work Systems
  • Automation Processes
  • Case Studies
  • Revolving Task Management Tips
  • Cloud Based Communication
  • Social Media Management Systems
  • Utilization of Technology in a VA Set-Up
  • Lots more…

If so, I might consider putting it together with a very nominal fee (to cover time, more than anything!). Let me know what you think!

So, head on over to the YouTube Channel, and watch the rest of the clips. I didn’t see the point in listing all of them here, as these clips were meant as a ‘resource’, rather than content for the blog – but, I’d love to hear what you thought of them, so please do comment below – feel free to be horrible, if need be! 🙂

And absolutely no comments to be made on the ‘nakedness’ of Tip #10, thank you!

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