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Announcing My ‘Top 10 Virtual Assistant Tips’ Video Series (From Boracay, Philippines)

Location: Beach Apartment, Boracay – Reading / Viewing Time: 3-4mins

I’m here in Boracay, home of some of the great beaches in the world, for a weeks escape. I like to take these trips once every two months or so to de-clutter and be able to evaluate how business is going, and what plans I can put into action in the future, amongst other things.

When planning for this trip, I was thinking about what video posts I could shoot over here for the blog… And, I came up with an idea literally no less than a week or so ago, that I thought might be really cool – and that was to take the time to shot a series of quick-tip clips on the world of the Virtual Assistant.

For those of you who have already signed-up and downloaded my free eBook ‘Saving the Day, the Virtual Way’ (if you haven’t, do so now to the right of the site!), you’ll know the types of topics that I go into, and so what I intend to do is elaborate on those topics a little more, individually, through this video series.

Plus, at the end of the series, when I get back to Cebu, I am going to be interviewing one of the virtual assistants that works for my company, to really give you a solid ‘insiders look’ on how we work with our virtual staff for our clients and so you can perhaps pick-up some tips for when you are spending time training and developing your own outsourced staff.I will post another quick message when the clips are online and ready to be seen – they will be hosted on my YouTube Channel, as always – so subscribe there now if you want to get a head start on the whole thing. Be sure to let me know what you would specifically like to see, by commenting below, and I’ll do my best to include it!

Until then, I think it’s almost ‘Happy Hour’ time here on the island, so, I’m off for a cheeky cocktail – or two! Take care.

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