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April 2010 “Virtual CEO Goal” Monthly Report

Our Welcoming Lobby at the Live2Sell Group HQ

Location: Home Office – Reading Time: 4-5mins

Number of Days in the Office: 14, Total Number of Employees: 179

This month went by faster than I realized… Hence the slightly late post! My Virtual CEO Goal is still moving along nicely, and again, I feel like I am getting closer and closer to it with every passing month. I have a plan in place, written down, and I am working that plan. It’s a 12 month plan of action including everything from automating certain aspects of my business as well as hiring of important, key employees, that fundamentally will ultimately allow me to remove myself from the business on a full-time basis. I have no doubt this year will end with my mission being accomplished.

We brought on board 3 new virtual assistant clients this month, and they have been going really nicely so far. One of our clients even sent greeting cards to his VA at the companies HQ, which put a massive smile on her face upon receiving them!

I also had the pleasure of hosting a potential new client, who will be starting with us around the middle of this month. It is always a pleasure when we have clients and prospective clients come in and visit us face-to-face – it doesn’t happen often (because it doesn’t need to!), but we always roll out the red carpet when it does.

The blog has really started to gain traction this month, with almost 3,000 visitors and close to 7,000 page views. Awesome! It was nice to see that my I’m Too Busy for Bullshit post was as popular as I hoped it would be. It seems that a lot of you liked the frankness of this, as it created an awesome 50 retweets on Twitter.

Other important milestones this month included:

A great month all-round.

May will, hopefully, see the launch of my two upcoming online collaborations with a couple of very respected bloggers. The only thing that might slow this down is getting the development side of things finalized, as I expect to be traveling a little this month, which means I wont be ‘working’ as much as I usually do. However, the show WILL go on, and we’ll do our best to get things up and ‘out there’ as soon as possible.

I would like to end this report by saying a massive ‘thank you’ to each and every one of you out there that have subscribed to the RSS feed, joined up and got the free eBook, retweeted any of the blogs’ posts, shared any of the status updates and articles on Facebook and anyone else that has helped, in any way shape of form to continue to promote the blog and spread the Virtual Business Lifestyle word.

I am humbled by your loyalty. Thank you.

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