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I’m Too Busy for Bullshit – The Things I’m Doing to Stay Productive!

Location: Home Office – Reading Time: 4-5mins

2010 is shaping up to be an incredible year for me, business wise so far. As you’ll know by reading my Monthly Reports, by the end of the year I sincerely believe I will be a Full Time Virtual CEO, working from wherever I like, whenever I like, doing whatever I like – but, still growing my businesses. For the time-being (and realistically for the very long foreseeable future, because I just love doing it so much!) my focus will remain on my parent company – the Live2Sell Group – however, there is a hell of a lot of other opportunities coming my way, too.

The whole thing here is that as I begin to warm-up the furnace that will be ‘2010’, it’s hitting me very hard – I am getting convincingly more and more busy. In itself, this isn’t an issue, as long as I maximize my time every day. Because, lets face it – wasting time is bullshit, plain and simple! But, as with all entrepreneurs, if you dont keep a check on things you can end up burning out and not getting anything done! So, what I’ve done is started to create a little schedule for myself, some of it I will share with you now, some of it is still in development… And, actually, I want to ask YOU, my loyal readers, to help me by posting any further ideas in the comments section below, for me to check out and possibility use.

I’ve broken this done into 7 working hours a day. This is generally the number I feel is most productive for me. However, I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit that there are several days throughout the week where I go home and spend a couple more hours reading, researching, strategizing and learning – mostly all online. So, here goes:

  • Hour #1 – Reply to Essential, Business related Email
  • Hour #2 – Work on Client Management and Development
  • Hour #3 – Spend time on Upcoming Online Projects
  • Hour #4 – Meet with my Management Team for daily updates (doesn’t occur Friday, as I don’t go into the office)
  • Hour #5 – My ‘Blog Hour’ – I don’t always publish, but always either write or film something that will hit the blog in the near future, or work on Guest Posts for other bloggers.
  • Hour #6 – Reply to Non-Essential Email (includes Blog, Personal and Business), and get involved in a little Social Networking, such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Hour #7 – Finish up the day by working closely with my PA and VA’s (yes, I have two at the moment – that’s a whole separate post coming soon!) on anything that require my attention.

You’ll notice that there is no mention of food! I eat at my desk when I am in the office most days – if you’re an entrepreneur and can’t handle munching and working all at once, you’re not gonna make it too far, that’s for sure! This ‘schedule’ is in Beta Mode right now… Hence the request for more ideas and concepts from you guys.

What I am really trying to achieve here, above and beyond everything else, is to maximize my time and lock-out as much of the daily ‘bullshit’ that we all go through when it comes to working hard and wanting to make things happen. Let me know what you all think below. Thanks!

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