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If Business Isn’t Converting, You Need This Solution

need this solution

Congratulations, my friends. You’ve made it to the final post in this miniseries!

While the entrepreneurs around you have been kicking back, you’ve been taking action. While the businesses around you have been selling, you’ve been serving your audience. How do I know? Because you’ve been proving it. Over email, social, and in the Youpreneur Community, you’ve been sharing every day about the action you’re taking.

I’m so, so proud of this community!

If you’ve done what you promised at the beginning of this month, you’re ready for Part 3 of the ‘Chase It Down’ miniseries. You’re ready for the ultimate solution for any business that isn’t converting. As always, however, you only get to read it if you’re committed to taking action on it RIGHT AWAY.

Ready? Here we go.

What About Bob?

You’ve heard me say it before: brands will always want to do business with other brands. But people want to do business with other people.

To that end, let’s focus this third post on Bob the Baker—see him?


Bob is a celebrity in your town, known by everyone for his bread and his bakery. You and everyone else you know is somehow willing to travel further and pay more for, even if it’s inconvenient for us. In short, Bob runs the kind of successful business we ALL want to run.

What’s so great about Bob?

Why on earth would we go out of our way, part with more of our money, and seemingly inconvenience ourselves just to buy Bob’s bread? Why do we tell all our friends to go to him, too? What does Bob have on the daily discount loaf of Wonderbread (for my US friends), or Sainsbury’s Sliced White Loaf (for my UK mates!)?

Here’s a secret for all the Youpreneurs out there destined for greatness: it’s not about the bread.

Now, granted, Bob’s bread is good. It’s excellent, in fact. He knows his stuff, and it shows. But the real, psychological, deep-rooted reason you’re loyal to Bob and his bakery … I promise you, it’s not about the carbs.

It’s Bob himself.

You go to Bob’s bakery because he’s already sliding your favourite loaf into a bag as you walk in the door. He made that loaf with fewer poppy seeds than usual since he knows you don’t like them. He asks about your kids, remembers you hurt your ankle, clipped an article from the paper he thought you’d enjoy.

Bob cares about you, and in return, you care about him. You can’t help yourself! It’s the P2P (Person-to-Person) Solution.

In short, Bob knows something that every personal brand-building entrepreneur absolutely must understand: in the new economy, success is all about relationships.

Become Bob the Baker

Don’t take me too seriously here, my friends. I don’t want you to go out and literally copy Bob the Baker’s every move. That would defeat the purpose of building the business of YOU.

What I want you to do is consider your personal brand in every decision you make:

  • If it’s better to be different than it is to be better (and it is), what do you do differently than anybody else?
  • What’s the thing you can offer that no one else can?
  • How can you put more of YOU into every aspect of your business?
  • What steps must you take to build a profitable personal brand in the 21st century?

These are tough questions. They can’t be answered in just one minute, but I do have a way you can start to answer them with just one conversation.

A few months ago, Gary Vaynerchuk and I sat down to chat specifically on this topic. We recorded the whole thing in HD video, and I made it available exclusively to the members of my Youpreneur Community. The community is closed right now (sorry!), but if you hop on the waiting list, you’ll get immediate access to this hidden recording. It’s literally one of the highest value conversations I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot!

So that’s your final action item in the Chase it Down series: watch my chat with Gary Vaynerchuk. Do it now. I dare you to do it and then NOT to feel ready to tackle your biggest business goals this week, this month, and beyond.

Once you truly understand the P2P Solution, you’ll be unstoppable.

Get access to my chat with Gary Vee before it’s gone!

And that’s a wrap, friends! Let’s meet back here next week to take everything to the next level. It’s going to be awesome.

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