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Capturing Entrepreneurial Ideas to Boost Productivity… and Sleep!

It’s been a while since I recorded one of these quick videos. It’s not because I havent had the questions – believe me, I’ve HAD the questions, but mainly because I’ve been getting back to people a lot more via the VBL Facebook page – the community there is really starting to grow – thanks to everyone who has ‘Liked’ us, and if you haven’t – what are you waiting for, seriously…?!

Today’s Question

So today I answer a question from Michael in New Zealand on the subject of capturing entrepreneurial ideas so he can, amongst other things, get a better nights sleep..! I actually went into this a little a while back in a post, but the question pops up quite regularly, so I figured a little video might not hurt…

It’s tough being an entrepreneur – but, stick with it Mike, and the rest of you – it’s one of the  the only way to create a great ‘New Rules’ of Lifestyle Design, as I discussed on Monday.

I’ll be doing more of these in the future, and might not necessarily put them all on the blog, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, (which is now also available in the sidebar of the blog, too!).

Please leave your own ideas on the subject below, as we can all learn a little from each other! See you Monday.

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