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Understanding Cultural Differences when Working with Filipino Virtual Assistants

When I was in the UK a few weeks ago, I published a post in regards to a new ‘How to Outsource…’ series I was going to be starting. I received so many great comments and emails when this went live – so, if you sent any suggestions in to me – thank you!

This basically came about because I get a lot of emails every week on the subject, and because replying to them all (which I always, always do!) was starting to suck a little more time out of my day as I was comfortable with. So, I decided to produce this new series of posts to enable me to build up a bit of an encyclopedia, so to speak, on the subject of outsourcing – this way, not only could I continue to answer everyones questions (especially in an in-depth way!), but also create some great content for the rest of the VBL readers and subscribers, too.

Today we kick-off with a video post on the subject of understanding cultural differences between westerners and filipinos, especially focusing on how to work with VA’s with these differences in mind. To make this a little more authentic (if thats the right word!), I asked my Virtual Staff Finder project manager, Stephanie, to join me in the video for two reasons.

Firstly, she’s a filipina (we use the term filipina when describing a female from the Philippines, not filipino), and secondly, because she knows an absolute ton about working with VA’s based here in the Philippines! 🙂

Inside the video you’ll see us discussing:

  • How important salary and paying filipino VA’s on time is.
  • Why keeping your tasks relevant to their job description is so important.
  • Appreciating the fact that filipinos are quite shy in nature and don’t like confrontation.
  • Keeping in mind the difference of working hours and being flexible with home-based filipino staff.
  • Understanding the importance of awarding your VA, and why its such a massive motivator.
  • Much more!

As you can see, Stephanie is a prime example of the type of professional talent that there is out here. She speaks great english, is naturally motivated and organized and even agrees to be in my blog videos! Can’t ask for more than that, can you..??!

As I mentioned, this is the beginning of a brand new series at the blog. If you would like to be informed when the next post in the series will go live, just complete the sign-up form below and you’ll be added to the VBL Blog Update list. You’ll also get a copy of my FREE eBook & AudioBook companion “Saving the Day, the Virtual Way!”, which goes into much deeper detail on the subject of virtual assistants and filipino VA’s particularly.

If any of you have any stories, feedback or insights you’d like to add to todays content, that would be awesome. Also – feel free, as always, to ask as many questions as you like. I love answering them all…

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