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Why You Need to be Injecting Humor Into Your Message

This is a dual video / written blog post. The message in both is roughly the same. Pick which medium you like the most, and consume. 

The importance of inserting humor into our online content every now and then is important, for a number of reasons.

Regardless of what type of online content you’re creating; whether it be blog post, or podcast, or video – or perhaps just content that’s being published solely on your social media platforms; injecting humor from time to time can be the difference between people sharing a piece of content, or not.

I do it on my podcast. On stage. In my book. Here, on the blog.

Consuming & Sharing

Obviously, when we create content for our audience, we want them to go ahead and consume that content. Regardless if it’s for inspiration purposes, or educational – or perhaps just for a bit of entertainment, whatever the case maybe.

However, the real secret in getting and growing an audience online is ultimately not only having your audience consume that content, but then going ahead and sharing it with the people that they know online.

Even if you’re not a super funny person, I’m sure you’ve said things in a certain way before in the past with the people that you know, love and trust… that has made them laugh.

If you’ve done that, you can probably do it with your audience as well.

Think about it, your audience is following you for a specific reason, a specific solution to a problem, or maybe just for your personality. Regardless, they’re following you.

Be you.

Become Somebody’s Favorite!

As my friend, Jay Baer said in our recent podcast chat – you want to be somebody’s favorite.

Or more optimistically, you want to become the favorite to a whole lot of somebody’s.

So, go ahead and inject a little bit of humor every now and then into your content – your audience will love you for it.

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