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July 2010 “Virtual CEO Goal” Monthly Report

Virtual CEO - Chris Ducker's July Monthly Report

Featured on the same page as Steve Jobs and CNBC - Wow!

Location: Home Office – Reading Time: 5mins

Number of Days in the Office: 17, Total Number of Employees: 208

Happy Friday to each and every one of you! Wow. What a month… These monthly reports are always the posts that I enjoy putting together the most. What I do is jot down notes in my Moleskine throughout the month on things that I want to mention, and this month is a real corker!

Because so much took place this month, I am going to make this a bullet-point type of post to make it easier for you all the read and get stuck into. So, here we go:

  • The VBL Podcast , which listed with iTunes just a month or so ago, was featured in the New & Noteworthy section of their Business category. This was actually brought to my attention by fellow blogger Pat Flynn, who also launched his own Podcast in July and also got listed in the same section (but at a slightly different time). Way to go, Pat!
  • I took a mini-break with my family and spent 3 awesome nights at a beach resort here in Cebu. It was very impromptu, and thoroughly enjoyable. When we were there, I shot my 3-part ‘Why I want to be a Virtual CEO’ video series. You can check out the first one here.
  • Our biggest client expanded, by adding another 10 full-time employees with us. Excellent!
  • We brought on board two new clients, but unfortunately lost a couple of small ones in the US, too. Shame to see them go, but I believe they’ll be back soon. Certainly hope so.
  • My son, Charlie, can now count from 1-10 unassisted (at the age of one-and-a-half), as well as recite Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star perfectly. Awesome!
  • We had the Live2Sell United Nations Day (just for fun) at the office, where everyone got dressed up in different types of ‘national’ costumes from around the world. See the image to the right!
  • I was interviewed by author Dave Crenshaw for his ‘Invaluable’ video series. Very proud to be picked by Dave, he’s a great industry thought leader.
  • I flew up to Manila to interview candidates for the Operations Manager role I have been wanting to fill for the last few weeks. Unfortunately none really made the grade, so we’re still searching.
  • I started making my first ‘real’ bit of passive income with affiliate links to a couple of email lists I own. All in all, from a couple of products, I made about $300. Not a lot of money, of course – but, the fact that it was happening whilst I slept was very cool, I have to be honest. I will be looking into this a little more closely in the coming months.

There were also a few other things that took place, but nothing as noteworthy as the above.

New VA Service – Update!

Some of you have been asking about my new Virtual Assistant service. This will be launching VERY soon. Sooner than you think, trust me. We’ve been testing out the process with a few select clients and everything has been going excellently! I will be putting together a special package JUST FOR SUBSCRIBERS in case they would like to utilize the service. So, if you haven’t made it onto the subscriber list yet, please do sign-up at the bottom of this post. You’ll get my free eBook, plus you’ll be on the launch list for the service, too.

Now… Reality check!

Bottom line, the hire for this Op’s Manager is a VERY important part of the plan for me to achieve my goal and become that Virtual CEO by the end of the year. I am going to be working overtime in the next 3-4 weeks to make sure I find him or her. Everything else up to this point has been BANG on target. And I know the few little things I’ll have to do AFTER the hire takes place are do-able pretty much on their own.

So, its crunch time.

Thanks, as always for supporting the blog by retweeting the posts and sharing on Facebook. I really appreciate it. And, as always I look forward to reading your comments below! Have an awesome weekend, and I’ll see you next week.

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